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Supplers of Quality Control Solutions for printed packaging components in the Pharmaceutical, Medical deviceĀ and Healthcare industry. We are dedicated to providing solutions to help secure the pakaging workflow of our customers to ensure their printed texts and graphics meet their corporate and regulatory needs.

Text Verification Tool

When revising or transferring text from one document/format to another it is essential to ensure that there are no unwanted changes. TVT is the premier text comparator software used to ensure that text content does not change. Used not only by large and small pharmaceutical and medical device companies but also national and international health regulatory authorities such as EMA and MHRA. TVT does not convert standard documents to PDF before comparison, an essential in a regulated environment.

Image Compare

After the creation and approval of the packaging artwork the next stages in the package development process requires confirmation that vendor proofs and finished packaging conform to the approved artwork. Image Compare allows the comparison of the approved artwork to the various outputs up to the finished printed materials. Not only does it check the images and text but also decodes and compares both Braille and barcodes.

Image Compare

Software and Instruments

We supply the full range of x-rite colour control software and instruments to ensure that the finished printed packaging meets the approved colour standards including the latest ColorQuality 6 software either as stand alone or web access that allows all stakeholders to access centralised database of colour standards. A full range of spectrophotometers and densitometers complement the software. Contact us for further information

Software and Instruments

Publications and Evaluation Lighting

As the premier colour evaluation publications developer Pantone provide the absolute visual reference books for colour standards in the printing industry. We can supply all Pantone products as well as a range of light cabinets and light sources which will ensure that the colours are represented in the colour environment. All standard light sources are covered in these products.

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