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Founded in 1931, we are a leading manufacturer in the controls and instrumentation industry also supplying high quality products to chemical, oil, gas and pollution control sectors.

We supply an extensive range of high performing relative humidity transmitters. These highly accurate devices deliver both temperature and humidity measurements and come in many different series ranges. The Model 657-1 transmitter provides two 4-20 mA channels to produce separate output signals for both relative humidity and temperature.

Other products include:

  • Series RH/RHL
  • Model 657C-1
  • Series RH-R
  • Series RHP
  • Series WHT – Weather resistant transmitter
  • Series RHP-W – Wall mount transmitter
  • Model RHRS – Outside air humidity radiation

Co2 Transmitters

Designed for various environments, our range of CO2 transmitters consists of many accurate devices and accessories. The series CDT carbon dioxide and temperature transmitters uses single beam dual-wavelength sensor technology to monitor the CO2 concentration and temperature in many indoor environments such as schools and offices for example.

Coming with many highly beneficial technical advances, other models in this range include the following:

  • Series CDW – Wall mount carbon dioxide/ temperature transmitter
  • Model CDD – Duct mount carbon dioxide transmitter
  • Series CMT – Carbon monoxide transmitter
  • Series GSTA – Carbon monoxide/ nitrogen dioxide transmitter
  • Model GCK – Carbon monoxide/ carbon dioxide transmitter
  • Series WM accessories for wireless/ temperature/ humidity transmitters
Co2 Transmitters

Differential Pressure Transmitters

For a full range of differential pressure transmitters, we stock a vast collection of excellent devices.

Providing both visual monitoring and electronic control of very low differential pressures, the Series 605 Magnehelic® Indicating Transmitter is perfect for control applications in building HVAC systems during maintenance where local indication is desired.

From devices for pneumatic and air/flow systems to rail mounted models sensing air and compatible gas pressures, a full list is available for view on our website.

Some key product examples are listed below:

  • Series 616KD
  • Series HADP
  • Series 3100D
  • Series 647
  • Series 603A
Differential Pressure Transmitters

Differential Pressure Switches

Coming with a wide variety of user beneficial features tailored accurately to suit their application purpose, our extent of differential pressure switches demonstrates the latest technical advancements in the field. The weatherproof features of the Model 1950 Explosion-proof Differential Pressure Switch include a drain plug and O-ring seal in cover.

A few high performing products in our differential pressure switch range include the following:

  • Series 1900 – Compact low differential pressure switches
  • Series 1630 – Large diaphragm differential pressure switches
  • Series 1996 – Gas pressure switches
  • Series BDPA – Adjustable differential pressure switches
Differential Pressure Switches

Temperature Transmitters

Explosion-proof, weatherproof and all-around high performing, we have many exceptional temperature transmitters combining state of the art technologies in one cost-effective device. The Series BTO Bimetal Thermometer is a perfect device for use on power generating boilers, thermal oxidation systems and skid mounted compressors.

We offer many other models including:

  • Model 652-0 – Programmable transmitters
  • Series 650 –Temperature transmitters
  • Series 651 – Temperature transmitters
  • Series 659 – Push-button temperature transmitters
  • Series TTE – Explosion-proof RTD temperature transmitters
  • Series HHT – Hazardous area temperature transmitters
  • Series TTW – Weatherproof immersion temperature transmitters
Temperature Transmitters

Current Switches

The Love Controls LTTJ Series Current Transformers are excellent examples of low cost, easy to use current switches in our range ideal to meet your requirements. Many models also feature an LED for visual conformation that current is flowing through the device. For a fill listing of our current switches and transformers please visit our website, however some examples are listed below:

  • Series CT60/70 – True RMS current transformer
  • Series SCS – Current switches
  • Series CCT60/70 – True RMS current transformer
Current Switches

CO Transmitters

In addition to CO2 monitoring, our range also includes highly reliable CO transmitters that accurately monitor and record gas concentration from standard office rooms to underground parking garages. The Model GCK-200CO-2000CO2 Gas Calibration Kit provides a reliable flow of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide to calibrate Dwyer® gas sensing transmitters.

Also included in our CO transmitter range:

  • Series GSTA – Carbon monoxide / nitrogen dioxide transmitters
  • Series CMT – Carbon monoxide transmitter.
CO Transmitters

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