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At Dynamic Load Monitoring, we specialise in the supply of high quality and reliable load monitoring equipment. For over two decades, we have been the industry leaders in providing solutions to meet all load monitoring requirements. Our load monitoring equipment is manufactured in the UK and is supported by the ISO9001:2008 quality management system.

Our highly trained in-house engineers are able to design load monitoring equipment suitable for a number of applications. We work closely with our clients from project inception through to completion and installation.


We specialise in the design and manufacture of standard and bespoke loadcells to meet requirements in the offshore, subsea and marine industries. Our loadcells are manufactured using the highest quality materials by engineers who have extensive experience with lifting equipment in these types of environments.

Our loadcell standard products include:

  • SL-2.0 Pro
  • TL-2.0 Pro
  • In-Link Display
  • Compressive Loadcells
  • Shear Pin Loadcells
  • Shackle Load Cell
  • TW-2.0

Calibration and Repair

We offer worldwide calibration and repair services from our location based in Southampton.  We strive to combine highly competitive prices with quality workmanship. All calibrations and repairs are carried out by qualified engineers.

Our test facilities allow calibration in tension up to 200 tonnes and in compression up to 400 tonnes. As standard, all of our test machines are fully traceable to either the National Physical Laboratory or UKAS accredited Laboratories and are verified in accordance with the national standard ISO 7500-1:2004.

Calibration and Repair

Hire Monitoring Equipment Southampton

We provide hire loadcells and load monitoring in Southampton. Our equipment is regularly serviced and maintained by skilled engineers to provide high performance and client satisfaction.

Our hire loadcells and load monitoring in Southampton include:

  • Standard Tensile Links
  • Telemetry Tensile Links
  • In Link Displays
  • Compressive Loadcells
  • Dynamometers
  • Running Line Monitors
  • Saddleback Monitors with goal posts and frames
  • Cable Counters
  • Grapnels - Rennie, Gifford, flatfish, detrenching, sliding prong, sand, spearpoint, etc
  • Fed Spec shackles
  • Rope Fittings
Hire Monitoring Equipment Southampton

Specialised Load Monitoring

Our extensive work within the offshore and subsea industries has led to our development of line monitoring solutions and cable working equipment, now used in cable laying and winch monitoring applications across the globe.

Our specialised load monitoring equipment solutions include:

  • saddlebacks
  • running line monitors
  • display modules
  • cable counters
  • grapnels
  • wheeled detrenching grapnel

Our line monitors and cable working equipment are a reliably designed and boast a proven track record of performing in rugged environments.

Specialised Load Monitoring

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