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Dynamiq Engineering specialises in providing engineering design for applications in which a high level of engineering analysis and expertise is required to deliver the necessary levels of problem solving, performance, safety and reliability.  Dynamiq is able to leverage its comprehensive stress analysis and simulation capability to provide detailed design insight and viable design solutions rapidly.

Our services include:

•  Mechanical Design
•  Product Development
•  Design Optimisation
•  Design Troubleshooting

Finite Element Anaysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA), sometimes referred to as FE, or FEM, is a computer simulation technique that allows any product to be analysed in great detail to carry out a stress analysis, vibration analysis, heat transfer analysis and many other physical analyses.

Dynamiq is a member of NAFEMS, the international body for engineering analysis & simulation and conducts all types of FEA inline with industry best-practise guidelines using Solidworks Simulation and ANSYS v13.0.

Finite Element Anaysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), sometimes referred to as flow simulation, is a computer simulation technique that allows the fluid flow around or through any product to be analysed in great detail.  CFD allows the fluid mass flow, velocity, density, temperature, pressure, concentration or any derived fluid property to be calculated at all locations within the flow field.  The interaction of the fluid with its solid boundaries, such as fluid-dynamic forces and heat transfer rates can also be calculated accurately for use in stress analysis.


If your organisation requires specialist CFD Services, Design Troubleshooting, Product Qualification or independent CFD analysis of your products, Dynamiq Engineering has the expertise, resources and experience to meet your requirements.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Engineering Calculations

Dynamiq Engineering provides all forms of independent engineering calculations, for design, qualification, dispute resolution and many other applications.  We work to any relevant international standards such as British Standards, ISO, UNECE, ASME, ACSE and various Military codes.  Alternatively, in applications for which no specific code is widely adopted across the industry Dynamiq is able to draw upon its cross-industry experience to help define a rigorous analysis procedure appropriate for specific applications.

Engineering Calculations
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