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Dear Sir / Madam,
We are Clothing Collection and Flyer Distribution Company based in London with very wide coverage of areas in and around London. With over 8 years of experience and more than 40 people staff we are offering Door-To-Door Flyer Distribution services. Since our business highly depends from advertising that we are doing for ourselves, you can be sure we are offering 100% professional and reliable service.
All of our distribution is fully managed. The majority of our distribution is GPS Tracked which means a full distribution report is provided on completion so you can see exactly where the distribution has happened and when it occurred. Areas not covered by GPS maintain a full back checking procedure manually which is equally as good as the tracked service.

How it works:
- You decide on the area you'd like to cover. Friendly advice will be given to help.
- Tell us how many flyers we should deliver.
- We design your leaflets after consultation with you (only if needed).
- We arrange flyers to be printed (only if needed).
- The flyers are delivered to the area you chose. Distributors are highly trained, carry GPS trackers and are being checked at random checkpoints to make sure, that material is 100% delivered.
- We send you a full report with GPS tracker DATA, printed maps and checkpoints.

For more information please visit www.ecexport.com and choose ‘Flyer Distribution’ option from menu or contact us.
*Free Collection - Subject to minimum order of 5,000 Leaflets & Maximum of 2 Pallets.
Did You Know? We also offer printing of your leaflets too, at very competitive prices. Ask me for a quote today!

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