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The Polaris Modular and Popular fluoropolymer immersion heaters are designed for use where aggressive chemicals need to be heated to temperatures up to 100°C. All Electric heaters have optimum chemical resistance against corrosion caused by chemicals such as nitric, hydrochloric, sulphuric and hydrofluoric acids, and are inert enough to be used where non-contamination is a requirement. 

The Polaris Neptune range is available in a wide range of metals from stainless steel, and Inconel™ to titanium.  

Heat Exchangers

Braude manufacture a range of heat exchangers in fluoropolymer materials for use either in tank or external.  Amongst the many applications in which these heat exchangers are typically used are acid pickling processes, preflux in galvanising, large scale electroplating, chemical milling.

The exchangers are designed for use with steam, hot water, thermal fluid up to 200°C or chilled water and also electric.

Control & Monitoring

Braude have a full range of temperature and liquid level controllers, protection and cut-out devices to be used in conjuctions with our heaters.  All controllers are supplied complete with sensors designed for use in process tanks so they are protected from attack by aggressive chemicals or by mechanical damage from workload in the tank.

Our controllers are designed for arduous application in processing plants and most come in IP65 enclosures for surface mounting near the point of application.  

Self Priming Chemical Pumps

Braude chemical pumps are designed for pumping corrosive chemicals such as hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, nitric and sulphuric acids. The pumps are constructed from high integrity polymers which have high chemical and impact resistance.

Trace Heating

The products include self-regulating heating cable, high-temperature heating cable, control systems, thermal jackets and flexible heated hoses employed in applications throughout industry for pipes, tanks, drums, antennae, containers, flexible hoses and associated measuring equipment.

Braude supply the Eltherm range of trace heating cables and equipment to complement our range of immersion heaters.  These products complement the Braude range of heaters and extend from the metal-based industries to Chemical, Petrochemical, Food Processing and Construction amongst others.

The cables are specifically designed for either frost protection of pipes and valves or to apply heat into a pipe as part of the process requirement.  A wide range of cables is available to suit most applications.

Frogspawn Thermal Insulation Spheres

Frogspawn Thermal Insulation Spheres form a floating blanket ideal for use on the top of open process tanks. The system consists of hollow polymer spheres which are usually polypropylene that are floated on the surface of the liquid to provide a continuous insulating layer. Workloads like jigs and components can easily pass through the layer. The system is used extensively by electroplaters, anodisers, steel processors and chemical manufacturers.

  • Reduce heat loss from surfaces by up to 75%
  • Reduce vapour loss from surfaces by up to 90%
  • Reduce splashing from the liquid surface
  • Increase stability of bath temperature
  • Save energy
  • Reduce replacement liquid cost
  • Create a more pleasant environment
  • Reduce corrosive effects of vapour on structure of buildings.
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