E C M Electronics Ltd.

ECM Electronics is a World-Class manufacturer of Quartz Frequency Control and wound components. Our uniquely varied range of inductors include; Wire wound chip coils as small as EIA 0603 size, popular packaged surface mount power inductors, many standard packaged axial and radial coils, and large toroidal chokes rated up to 20kVA. Our products are already supplied to many leading manufacturers in the areas of; Consumer, Automotive, Data Communications, and Industrial Power Management.

The latest Frequency Control product introductions include surface mount TCXO VCXO and VCTCXO components in 11x9mm, 7x5mm & 6x3mm packages with specifications suitable for all telecomms applications. Other products in our range include quartz crystals for automotive applications where performance and reliability combined with competitive prices have enabled ECM Electronics to continually expand its customer base.

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