We at E-Foreknowledge know there is no time to waste when it comes to getting your web presence up and running. Knowing how important it is we have come up with 4 efficient stages streamlining our process.

We start with consultation with our clients to find our aim, purpose, products, branding and expectations. With all this information we are able to set the ball rolling on the sorting, technical needs, determining visual and digital solutions. At this stage we set the objectives and goals.

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Content Managed Solution

Within our "Content managed website" solution the foundation enables the owner of the website the ability to create, manage & publish the websites content without the need of technical experts.

The owner of the website will experience a flexible & agile system whilst publishing the content for internal or external audiences; in turn the website will be rich and dynamic.

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Ecommerce Solution

The modular ecommerce website solution we provide is applicable for most business sectors and can be adapted to meet our customer's needs, complex or simple.

This helps the customer save time and money on any future updates to their websites.

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Search Engine Optimisation

We know when dealing with professional web design companies search engine optimisation and online marketing is a critical component.

We only have in employment the best search engine optimisation experts and top level graphic designers. There are many other expert companies in this field who do search engine optimisation like Yahoo.com, Google.com and Bling.com who has years of experience with constant trials with many errors to find out how the formulas work.

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Customer Relationship Management

We know that to keep on top of our game within the competitive marketplace we must keep on top of our customer service.

The consumers of today are always looking for better professional services and with this in mind we give due consideration to our customer relationship management service.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media is a very fast moving industry more so then people think. It is a very effective method of driving traffic to your blog or website which online marketers & social media marketing have acknowledged this. It has emerged that people focus on promoting online business's or sites via social media marketing.

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Email Marketing

Within the modern age a key factor to business' success is building relationships. To get the best results for any client you have to forge a relationship. Using email marketing is a brilliant way to get your potential customers & current to notice your brand.

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