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E.Lloyd & Co.Ltd were founded as far back as 1847, when the founder began importing chemicals into the UK.

Today, the company has established a long-standing reputation for the production of quality laboratory wire ware, combining traditional productions skills with a choice of modern protective finishes. The result is a range that delivers robust quality at exceptional value.

A wide range of colours and finishes

The products exhibited on this site are shown in their standard finish and chosen to suit the circumstances in which they are normally used. All however can be supplied in a different colour or finish, usually at very little extra cost. All mild steel products can also be manufactured in stainless steel.

Bespoke products made to your specification

With a wide range of jigs and tools we can manufacture racks and baskets at almost any configuration. We will be pleased to quote for your particular requirements.

Bespoke Work

In addition to our wide range of specialist wirework products we can also produce bespoke products to order from our UK based factory. Example of products include:-

  • Lampshades
  • Shopping Baskets
  • Specialist Carrying Equipment

Please contact us for further information.

BASKETS - Rectangular

Manufactured in nylon coated mild steel or polished stainless steel.Basket SizesDs (mm)Ref. No.LengthWidthHeightNylonStainless200 (8″)200 (8″)150 (6″)BN8x6BS8x6225 (9″)225 (9″)150 (6″)BN9BS9305 (12... Read more

Bottle Carriers

Manufactured in white polythene coated mild steel.Carriers for 1 litre and 1/2 litre bottlesDs (mm)Bottle sizeFormatRef. No.LengthWidthDepthHeight20529010030090 mm6 x 1/2 LW5235344125300105 mm6 x 1... Read More

Bottle Racks

Rack Sizes – Racks for Bijou Bottles up to 22mm diameterDs (mm)FormatRef. No.LengthWidthHeight60156332 x 6RKB1287313353 x 12RKB36112313354 x 12RKB48Rack Sizes – 2 tiered rack for Polystop Bottles u... Read More

Desiccator Safety Cages

One piece cylindrical type.Manufactured in black poly coated mild steel.Ds (mm)Ref. No.DiameterHeight290230DES29330340DES33380290DES38Note: Other sizes available, prices on application Read More

Draining Racks

Free standing and wall mounted test tube draining racks.Manufactured in white polythene coated mild steel.Double panel free standing.Consisting of 2 panels with spacer, screw and nuts.Ds (mm)Ref. N... Read More

Laboratory Gauzes

We offer all our gauzes in iron and stainless steel. Although more expensive, stainless steel is more durable when subjected to harsh conditions such as very high temperatures or acidic environment... Read More

Plant Press

Plant press panels and straps for drying and preserving plant specimens.Ds mmRef. No.HeightWidth275x436PLPRS(Height with handle 335mm) Plant press panels and straps for drying and preserving plant specimens.Ds mmRef. No.HeightWidth275x436PLPRS(Height with handle 335mm) Read More

Quadrat Frames

Set of 4 wires, screws and nuts which assembles into a square.Manufactured in nylon coated mild steel with screws in zinc plated mild steel.Frame SizesDs (mm)Ref. No.HeightWidth500500QUAD Read more

Test Tube Racks

Manufactured in nylon coated mild steel.Racks to hold test tubes of 13mm and 16mm diameterDs (mm)Tube SizeFormatRef. No.LengthWidthHeight110805013mm4 x 6RK3360805013mm4 x 20RK3A220625013mm3 x 12RK3... Read More

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