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eAmigo Marketing is a full service Email Marketing Agency which has built its success in helping organisations of all types use Email Marketing to maximum effect.

We have a number of key, fundamental differences that separate our solutions to other, more typical Email Marketing Agencies. We have, over many years, developed a large, detailed database of subscribers across the UK, a database which now holds well over 6 million "opt in" subscriber details.

What We Do

We offer highly efficient and productive eMail Marketing strategies. We differ from our competitors in many ways, in particular we take the emphasis off of our customers to do the work and provide the entire campaign details, design, management, support and analytics, so our customers can just sit back and enjoy the fantastic results they will achieve.

In all campaigns we guarantee:

  1. HTML Template design with our talented design team
  2. Subscriber refinement - the right subscribers receive the right information at the right time
  3. Up to 50000 unique receivers per week
  4. Flat fee options or pay per email for as low as 0.05p per email
  5. Full ongoing support and dedicated Account Manager
  6. Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly Analytics and Metrics
What We Do


As we have grown in stature, size, reputation and popularity we have been able to attract a wide and diverse client base to the power of our eMail Marketing soutions. Ranging across all industries there really is no restriction to the customers we can support. So whether you are looking to promote a new or exisiting product, company, service or special offer we can deliver huge audiences to your information, newsletters or websites.

Some of our recent customers include: Fujitsu, The Carbon Trust, eon and BT.

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New to eMail Marketing...?

New to Email Marketing…?
If you're thinking of using email marketing for the first time, you're about to make a good choice.

Permission-based email marketing is an extraordinarily cost-effective and powerful tool. Get it right and you'll see results you never dreamed of with traditional direct mail!

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New to eMail Marketing...?
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