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Supplier of communications equipment in a variety of disciplines,  Public Address, Intercom, Induction Loop and Electronic Signs.

We specialize in intercom in all  locations:-

 Industry, Utilities, Schools, Universities, Government Buildings, Ships, Oil & Gas Rigs, Hospitals,   Shops, Hotels and catering, car-parks, prisons, custody centers, mines, lifts, at ports and on trains and in stations.

Intercom is often the only means of safe communication, but is simple, fast and efficient method of communicating with staff, shoppers or students.

Intercom can me used or simple door entry, or as a ships telephone in the breaking ice antarctic, international trading systems for stock and share or in a operating theatre.

intercom can be used to bring a voice dynamic to a security product, assist in health and safety legislation, help comply with the disabled discrimination act.

Intercom provides communication, security, access, assistance, safety, higher productivity, more efficiency, and helps reduce our carbon footprint.

Access Control Systems

We can provide a comprehensive range of standalone or integrated products.
The latest equipment will provide controlled access through defined areas with audit trail and monitoring.

When designing an access control system locking devices are compatible with all emergency use and is catered for without compromising security.

We are an independent company, we can source whatever is required to fulfil the specification, with integration of industry lead products available.

It is now possible to use a selection of technologies to open doors using a reading device appropriate the combination of intercom, or other voice system.

The intercom system now itself has input an output control in the station with a webpage to setup the functionality required.

Access Control Systems

Call Alert Systems

This can be door entry to you apartment or electric gates. Do you have a remote building where a and intruder alarm just wont quite do the job. Give us a call and we will make you something that will do exactly what you want....

Call Alert Systems

Nurse Call Systems

1103/1100 voice series Nurse Call System Wired or Radio

Our comprehensive nurse call systems are versatile to allow them to be used in respite care units, small nursing homes or in large hospitals. A unique selling point is that the 1000 Series nurse call system has recorded voice announcements to give a non intrusive indication to Carers of the exact location of the call therefore eliminating wall displays. This has a second important benefit as it improves the quality of life for the residents as it eliminates the need for buzzers and bleepers.

Our product range is extensive and can be incorporated into the nurse call system to meet the needs of most clients. Including epilepsy monitors, flood detectors, PAM (Personal Activity Monitors), Fire exit monitors, seat monitors, fall monitors and many more.

If pocket pagers are preferred these can also be incorporated into to the system

The system is easily expandable as the client base changes.

Call logging software can be supplied that will show all relevant data from the call system allowing management to make accurate decisions and giving clients piece of mind (Windows XP)

Nurse Call Systems

Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) Compliant Signs

OCTOBER 1st 2004 saw the law change where is is now an offence not to provide a reasonable means of assistance to all people with disability.

While there are disabled toilets, ramps for wheel chairs and lifts to other floors the DDA also applies to hearing and sight deficiencies.

We are endeavouring to continue to improve the experience in public areas in particular where communication is vital.

Induction Loop Systems, Infrared System, portable systems are all available from EasyLine Communications Ltd.....give us a call.

Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) Compliant Signs

Audio Equipment

Easyline Communication provide a wide range of Audio Equipment for live, install and all manner of applications where sound reinforcement is required.

From amplifiers to loudspeakers and a range of live technical mixing services we can supply most peoples requirements.

Audio Equipment

Disabled Toilet & Intercom Applications based on IP

The EasyCom Bundle provides a scalable solution for intercom and assistance-call applications in every situation. Easy to install plug & play implementation makes it the most user-friendly and reliable system on the market.

Wherever an TCP/IP connection is available, the EasyCom Bundle gives you a plug & play assistance-call and intercom solution. The Bundle provides a full package of software, hardware, peripherals, user licences and documentation. Minimal engineering and system design is required! Implementation could not be easier

The EasyCom Bundle provides a complete solution for assistance-call and intercom in a multitude of situations. The bundle is a complete package of software & hardware and the only interface required to communicate with the outside world is an TCP/IP connection for example: ADSL, LAN, WAN; so both data and voice communication use the same resources.

Voice over IP (VoIP) brings a new world of opportunities and possibilities, using existing Network infrastructure keeping the cost of implementation and ownership low. To keep TCP/IP based applications easy to manage, safe and flexible we have designed a complete new package of components and software with the look and feel of a traditional system.

This new design brings all the benefits of new technology without expensive and complex system design and management. The EasyCom Bundle is designed for:

Public Safety
Pubs & Restaurants
Educational Facilities
Public Sector
Correctional & Custody
Hotel & Leisure

Disabled Toilet & Intercom Applications based on IP

Induction Loop Systems

What is an Induction Loop?

An induction loop allows users with a telecoil equipped hearing device (switched to the T or MT position) or anyone wearing an Induction Loop Receiver to listen inductively to sound transmitted through a magnetic field without the interference of airborne background noise.
The telecoil is familiar to many as the method used by the telephone companies to make it easier for a hearing aid user to use a telephone. The hearing aid picks up the sound via the magnetic field generated by the diaphragm coil in the receiver of a telephone.

In recent years, legislation has lead to induction loop systems have to be installed in public places such as hospitals, induction loop in civic centers, induction loop intown halls, libraries, induction loop churches, cinemas, and induction loop at service counters.

An induction loop can be used to increase the range of Sound Reinforcement Equipment; a PA system in a building can connect to the Induction Loop Amplifier and then via the Loop cable be transmitter to hearing air users.
The Inductive loop can also stand alone, being used just for the benefit of the hearing aid user.

Induction Loop Systems

Infa-Red Induction Loop Systems

Along with the standard wired Induction Loop Systems there are requirements where overspill is not permitted and confidentiality is paramount.

Easyline Communications supply a range of equipment which uses infrared light to transmit the sound to the hearing aid.

This system is particlarly suited to tribuneral rooms, courts, chambers, and local authority.

Some premises where the induction loop is not practical due to installation constraints can benefit from this system.

Infa-Red Induction Loop Systems

Audio Equipment

Critical communications is defined in the marketplace in two ways: When life is at risk and when big money
is at risk. The STENTOFON® AlphaCom E is designed to provide critical communications: it is a powerful and
flexible communications platform that serves a wide range of applications. It works straight out of the box,
but if required, it can be tailored to support applications of almost unlimited specificity and complexity.
The same core system is used in ships, prisons, banks and airports, for example.

AlphaCom E serves systems that range in size from
perhaps half a dozen stations in a single location, to
systems where there are several thousand users
spread around multiple international sites. Through
the powerful global group call feature you can
address thousands of people worldwide, at the push
of a button.

Command and Control
AlphaCom E provides unequalled flexibility in its
interfaces to other devices and systems.

A full range of VoIP intercom stations and kits are available. Power over ethernet (PoE) phantom and wired is available.

Firetuft CAT5 cable can be used in critical communications.

Audio Equipment

Large Screen Public Information

Easyline Communications Limited's strength lies in its ability to develop & deliver “custom systems” that meet the operational demands of the client. This is achieved through a Free Consultancy Day resulting in a written specification that reflects the customers exact requirements, whilst ensuring that any government legislation is met & complied with where required.

Do you have a building and require a 12m by 3m display board we can import them from China....give us a call.

Large Screen Public Information

LED Media Centre

Description: Specifications:
¨ Ultra bright-red, amber, green, blue, tricolor optional
¨ All functions can be edited by remote control or PC software
¨ RS-232/RS-485/Ethernet/RF modem/GSM optional
¨ Power: AC 110/220v optional
¨ 8 kinds of fonts, from small to big, 10 kinds of time formats, temp. display optional
¨ Turn on/off to set time
¨ 22 kinds of display modes, 5 grade display speeds, 10 grade stop-time
¨ Brightness adjustment manually via software
¨ Firmware and Fonts update on-line

LED Media Centre

Public Information Displays

Easyline Communications Limited is a partner company of Digital Connections Europe Group, offering a wealth of experience in on-site communication & security for, Healthcare, Education, Industry, Retail and Leisure

Collectively Easyline Communications personnel have over 65 years experience in; design, development & supply of on-site communication & security systems.

The company's strength lies in its ability to develop & deliver “custom systems” that meet the operational demands of the client. This is achieved through a Free Consultancy Day resulting in a written specification that reflects the customers exact requirements, whilst ensuring that any government legislation is met & complied with where required.

As well as being a partner company of Digital Connections Europe Group, we are supplied by the world’s largest Intercom manufacturer STENTOFON and are also a Bosch Security partner offering a wide range of mobile Personal Security systems; PS-Micro, PS-Pager & DECT.

Public Information Displays

Scrolling Signs

The LED board and the LCD display give us a call and we can advise you what is best for your application.

Scrolling Signs
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