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We take pride in our engineering components and our ability to create to right precision parts for you. We are a leading engineering subcontractor, and specialise in the machining of large castings, forgings and fabrications.

With the ability to lift jobs of up to100 tonnes, we are capable of producing complex engineering components in a highly competitive marketplace.  Vertical and horizontal CNC boring and milling. Heavy engineering and milling on large CNC machines

  • CNC Horizontal Boring
  • CNC Vertical Boring
  • Heavy CNC Machining
  • Large CNC Boring
  • CNC Ram Boring
  • CNC Gantry Milling
  • Contour Milling
  • Bespoke Engineering Solutions
  • Machining Fabrication

Horizontal Boring

Heavy and Medium Engineering Capacity

Our management team and engineers are highly skilled throughout all levels of the organization and have developed expertise in the machining of complex components in a range of materials and sizes. Vertical and horizontal boring capacity.

We offer an engineering service which extends from complete supply to purely sub contract machining.

We have some of the largest milling, planing, vertical boring and horizontal boring machines in the country and our extensive shop floor capability is shown in our Engineering Capacity List below:

Vertical Boring capacity:

Craven 5250 dia x 3000 Under Rail
Entwistle & Gass 3350 dia x 2680 Under Rail
Titan GNC 2760 dia x 1120 Under Rail
Webster Bennett 1830 dia x 1120 Under Rail
Webster Bennett 1525 dia x 610 Under Rail
Webster Bennett 1220 dia x 915 Under Rail

Horizontal Boring capacity:

Asquith Ram Borer 13000 x 5000 x x1500 with 15 tonne rotary table
Union CNC Floor Borer 7000 x 3000 x 3000 with 40 tonne rotary table
Kearns Table Type Borer 5000 x 2500 x 2500 with 20 tonne rotary table
Kearns SF 125CNC Table Type Borer 4000 x 2500 x 2500

Turning capacity:

Heid Lathe 1200 swing, 6500 between centres
Stanko Lathe 500 swing, 3000 between centres

Milling capacity:

Noble Lund CNC Planomill 12000 x 5000 x 2500
Craven Planomill 13000 x 5000 x 2500
Butler CNC Elgamill 11500 x 3000 x 1000
Butler CNC Elgamill 8000 x 3000 x 1000
Wadkin CNC Planomill 4000x x2000 x 1000
Stirk Planomill 13000 x 3000 x 2000
Wadkin CNC Planomill 5000x x2500 x 1500
C.M.E CNC Travelling Column Mill
6000 x 3000 x 1600

Planing capacity:

Stirk Planer 13000 x 3000 x 1000
Stirk openside 5500 x 2500 x 2500
Butler 4000 x 1200 x 1000

Horizontal Boring

Heavy CNC Vertical Boring

Price & Performance

It is our aim to respond to any enquiry with a price and firm delivery commitment within 72 hours and manage our capacity accordingly to provide the fastest possible turn round to the customer.

We provide a high quality of service and craftsmanship and have made our reputation in the market by being able to react quickly and deliver on time.

The volume of orders received and level of repeat business reflects our ability to be competitive and serves as an illustration of our success in the market.

Heavy CNC Vertical Boring

Tunnel Linings

Tunnel Linings

Our Major Tunnel Projects include:

Channel Tunnel
Storebaelt Crossing
Jubilee Line
Heathrow Terminals
Old St
St Pancras International Terminal
Tottenham Court Rd
Cross Rail Contract 300
Cross Rail Contract 305
Bond St

15 other mayor project

We are the acknowledged European leader in the supply of cast and fabricated tunnel linings since the mid 1980’s. We have unrivalled expertise in the design and supply of these items and an extensive database of drawings and specifications.

We hold patterns for linings ranging from 2m to 10m in diameter, in both straight and taper configurations, encompassing 16 different sizes. Opening sets, staircases, shafts, escalators, concourses and associated structures have been provided for major schemes over more than 28 years and our ability to complete contracts on time and to programme has been consistently proven.

We have supplied to many mayor civil engineering companies and JV's in the UK and Europe and are an approved supplier to London Underground and the partnership providers.

Tunnel Linings

Eaves Machining

At Eaves Machining, we produce components large and small. From our Manchester facility, we have the machining capability available to give us the ability to handle a substantial number of jobs at any one time.

With a 72,000 square foot facility, at Eaves Machining we are one of the largest engineering workshops in western Europe. We are unique in terms of capability and capacity for the machining of medium to heavy components.  

Heavy CNC milling and horizontal boring , 16ft Craven vertical borer, large vertical boring capacity, we service all sections of heavy engineering and do offer a bespoke engineering service, machine rebuilds and factory improvements

Eaves Machining

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