eBarks specialise in supply solutions to the Catering & Hospitality Industry. Supplying to Hotels, Restaurants, Catering Companies, Catering Professionals & Chef's, Clubs & Pubs

Catering Equipment we supply to the Hospitality Industry include

Commercial Fridges & Freezers from Foster, Gamko & LEC.
Commercial Ovens & Microwave Ovens from Blue Seal, Falcon, Burco, Daewoo & Panasonic.
Glasswasher's & Dishwasher's from Classeq.
Bar Equipment & Cocktail products
Back Bar Refrigeration from the IMC Mistral range & Gamko
Ice Machines from Brema, Classeq & Foster Refrigeration
Tableware from Porcelite, Royal Genware & Australian Fine China.

We have many year’s experience within the industry and offer our clients a full bespoke service when it comes to planning, fitting & commissioning of Commercial Kitchens within their establishment.

We also with our one of our trading partners Focus Leasing can help with finance and leasing of your requirements to help with your cash flow

We also offer a bespoke service to clients when planning Bar layout Areas, working in conjunction with our trading partner IMC, who specialise in stainless steel fabricated high volume bar layouts.

When it comes to catering supplies eBarks can supply everything from a Teaspoon to a fully laid out & commissioned Catering Kitchen. Making eBarks your One Stop Shop for all of your catering needs. All on-line with fast delivery to your door.  

Commercial Cooking Equipment from eBarks

Commercial Catering Equipment including Microwaves, Ovens and Ranges, Chargrills, Chip Scuttles, Contact and Panini Grills, Fryers, Griddles and Salamander Grills. We stock a comprehensive range of kitchen equipment including pizza ovens, toasters, and rice cookers that suits every budget

Everything for the busy commercial Kitchen. Whilst our list is comprehensive if you cannot find what you are looking for in terms of a particular product or brand then please call us on.

0845 1166 814

We will then through our supply chain forward you a competitive quote.

Bar Equipment from eBarks

Select your Bar and Cocktail products on-line with eBarks. In this section we offer you a range of the highest quality Bar associated products to include Cocktail Equipment, Non-Slip Drinks Serving Trays and Bar Matting and Drip Mats.

We offer a very wide range of Ice Buckets and Stands, Ice Crushers, Wine Chillers and a range of Bottle openers. As well as a range of CE approved Optics, Measures and Pourers 

Bar Refrigeration from eBarks

Bottle Coolers available online from eBarks. Browse our range of back bar fridges & wine coolers and chillers from Gamko, LEC Refrigeration & the IMC Mistral Range 

Glasswashers from eBarks

Glasswashers available online from eBarks. Browse our range of commercial glasswashing units from Classeq as well as our dish & glasswasher racks & accessories. 

Ice Machines from eBarks

Commercial ice machines from eBarks. Browse our collection of undercounter & counter top ice cube makers, from top brand manufacturers such as Fosters, Brema & Classeq. Dispensers & Crushers also available. 

Glassware from eBarks

Commercial Glassware available online from eBarks. Browse our range of Beer, Wine, Champagne, Cocktail, Shot, & Crystal glassware suiting all budgets for pubs and restaurants.

Tableware & Crockery from eBarks

An extensive range of catering crockery from Royal Genware and DPS Tableware featuring Porland, Porcelite, Australian Fine China and the Connoisseur range of Fine Bone China. For Vitrified Stoneware we offer Rustico and the new Rustico Azul. Also within this section is our extensive ranges of Oven to Table and Baking and Ovenware.

Kitchen and restaurant tableware including melamine crockery are also available, providing you with a wide range of
choices for your establishment.

Also within his section are ranges of innovative Table Presentation items showing how foodservice has developed beyond purely standard plates and service lines. Wood platters and boards offer a natural, rustic and stylish look, fully tested to British standards for food safety. Miniature baskets and buckets offer a fun and easy way to spice up food presentation.

We also through DPS tableware offer a personalised bespoke service in order to place your own designs and company identity onto your tableware 

Cutlery from eBarks

Genware & Amefa Cutlery ranges are designed to offer performance, style and value.

Classic Cutlery, Contemporary Cutlery and Premium range Cutlery in various weights and gauges cover all styles and budgets.

Our Parish pattern cutlery in 18/0 is hand polished, offering a good level of resistance to staining and pitting, and a consistent quality and finish.

Plain cutlery with good cutting blades and consistent finish provide volume users the right balance of quality and value.

Versatile Cutlery patterns and styles, combining quality, durability and value 

Food Presentation from eBarks

Food presentation items & ideas available online from eBarks. Browse our range of Wooden & Slate Boards plus our ranges of mini baskets, mini pans & mini buckets. 

Beverage Items from eBarks

Beverage items available online from eBarks. Browse our range of Water Boilers, insulated Tea & Coffee Dispensers & Stainless Steel Beverageware, Flasks & Vacuum Jugs.

Table Service from eBarks

Table Service items & ideas available online from eBarks. Browse our range of Platters, Chafing Dishes, Menu Boards & Covers plus our range of condiment dispensers 

Food & Drinks Service Trays from eBarks

Food & drink service trays available online from eBarks. Browse our range of Non Slip trays, Plastic trays, Fast Food trays, Wooden and Stainless Steel service trays. 

Cookware & Bakeware from eBarks

Cookware & Bakeware items online from eBarks. Browse our Stainless Steel Gastronorms & our Non stick, Stainless Steel & Aluminium ranges of Commercial grade pan sets. 

Kitchen Utensils from eBarks

Kitchen Utensil items available online from eBarks. Browse our Kitchen & Buffet utensils as well as our food preparation Cookware & Kitchen Health & Safety items .

Food Storage & Gastronorm Containers from eBarks

Food Storage & Gastronorm Containers available online from eBarks. Browse our food storage containers & food storage boxes plus our Stainless Steel Gastronorm containers 

Food Insulated Thermo carriers from eBarks

Insulated Thermal Food Carriers & Thermal Storage boxes available online from eBarks. Browse our selection of Insulated thermal carrier storage boxes & associated items.

Chef's Knives from eBarks

Chef's Knives available online from eBarks. Browse our selection of Sabatier Knives, Genware Professional Chef knives, Knife boxes & racks, & Colour coded knives. 

Chef & Waiter Clothing from eBarks

Chef's Clothing available online from eBarks. Browse our selection of Professional Chef clothing, Chef Jackets, Chef Trousers, Chef Hats & Shoes & Chef & Waiters Aprons.

Pizza House Products from eBarks

Pizza House Products available online from eBarks. Browse our selection of Pizza Ovens, Spiral Dough Mixers & Dough Rollers, Pizza Preparation Counters & Pizza Utensils.

Refrigeration from eBarks

Commercial Fridges and Freezers

eBarks recognises the importance of having only the best when it comes to Refrigeration requirements. We therefore only sell the best "Lec" & "Foster"

eBarks offers an extensive range of Foster catering refrigeration equipment for back of house including commercial chest freezers, counter top fridges and freezers, double door fridges, blast chillers, prep counters, under counter fridges and freezers, cold rooms and walk in freezer rooms.

12 Months Interest Free Credit - (0% Finance) on Foster Refrigeration

Subject to status eBarks are able to organise 12 months interest free credit at 0% on all Foster products 

Food Preparation Machines from eBarks

Food Preparation Machines available online from eBarks. Browse our selection of Chippers, Peelers, Vegetable Preparation, Meat slicing, Bandsaws & Mincing machines. 

Food Mixing Machines from eBarks

Mixing Machines available online from eBarks. Browse our selection of Planetary & Spiral Dough Mixers also our Kitchen hand blenders and table top food mixers. 

Commercial Dishwashers from eBarks

Commercial dish washers available online from eBarks. We stock a range of high quality dish & utensil washing units from Classeq no matter your budget. 

Food Waste Disposal from eBarks

IMC Food Waste Disposal machines from eBarks. We stock a range of Commercial waste Disposal machines for the busiest Commercial kitchen. Sink fitting or freestanding Waste Disposal. 

Racking & Trolleys from eBarks

Racking & Trolleys from eBarks. We stock a range of Chrome adjustable Racking for kitchens & coldrooms, also a range of catering trolleys for kitchens & restaurants. 

Outdoor Products from eBarks

Outdoor Products from eBarks. We stock a range of Windproof Ashtrays & Barrier rope & Barrier Tape systems. Also Chalk Boards & A Boards & accessories for outside use. 

Washroom Products from eBarks

Washroom & Hygiene from eBarks. Hand Dryers including the powerful blade hand dryer, Also stock a full range of Toilet Roll, Soap, Air Freshener & Hand Towel dispensers. 

Safety & First Aid Products from eBarks

Safety & First Aid from eBarks. A full range of HSE approved Catering First Aid Kits & Blue Plasters Refill Kits. Also Childrens Highchairs & Accident Books. 

Insect Control from eBarks

Insect Control from eBarks A full range of Flykillers Flyzappers and Insect Fly control curtains Door Screens. Also Lightbox & Glueboard Flykillers 

Kitchen Matting from eBarks

Kitchen Matting from eBarks. High Quality industrial rubber anti-fatigue matting for Kitchens & food preparation areas. Non-Slip Matting for Wet areas. 

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