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  1. Asus Orion ROG Gamer Headset with retractable noise filtering microphone

    Asus Orion ROG Gamer Headset with retractable noise filtering microphone

    Win with Style. Perform in Comfort The Orion full-size gaming headset is designed to provide gaming enthusiasts with the finest audio immersion and positioning needed in any game and at any location. After extensive research and development and taking customer feedback into account, the ROG team concluded that user comfort is key when it comes to gaming headsets. As such, ROG Orion possesses 100mm over-ear cushions for greater comfort, and bring immersive audio with large 50mm neodymium drivers. True to life in-game audio 50mm neodymium magnet driver units Large 50mm neodymium drivers on Orion have been meticulously fine-tuned to provide dynamic audio positioning. They provide supreme clarity, thundering bass, and extreme low distortion. Powerful and dynamic audio makes the virtual battlefield so real, every action and reflex become lightning-fast second nature. Retractable noise-filtering microphone Taking community feedback into account, ROG Orion use a retractable and flexible microphone boom for easier angle adjustment and neat storage when not in use. New microphone noise filtering technology boasts more sensitive voice capture capabilities for clearer in-game communications Full battlefield focus with effective 30dB noise isolation Noise ranks as one of the leading issues for gamers, often causing distractions and leading to the wrong decisions - which in turn lower win ratios. The ROG Orion is designed in such a way that the ear cups is covered entirely with large over-ear cushions, offering gamers optimized noise isolation technology ensuring a better gaming sucess rate and audio immersion. It effectively block out disruptions such as environmental noise and human voice, two of the main noisemakers in gaming events. Even tiny noises may mask crucial sound details, so make sure your gaming gear helps you fully immerse in gameplay and catch every sonic clue to make the right call. Long-lasting comfort and gamer-friendly design Fine-tuned clamping force Through extensive research and testing several prototypes, we manage to design the Orion with not only light weight and ergonomic design, but also optimized clamping force for maximum comfort 100mm full size over-ear cushions ROG designers chose large 100mm over-ear cushions covered in highly-breathable quality leather treatment. In-line volume control Easily adjust or mute the volume with a compact, clip-on volume control. 2.5m braided cable with gold-plated jacks The ROG Orion carries a tough braided cable and gold-plated jacks for longer durability and lower distortion. The extended 2.5m long cable also grants gamers extended freedom of movement. The Republic of Gamers is committed to helping you win more through superior audio power, precise positioning, and lifelike immersion ― the perfect aids for those critical online shooter moments. Opposing snipers hide in the dark, taking advantage of cover to keep you suppressed? It's time to get your team on the offensive with powerful and precise battleground audio intelligence - thanks to advanced Xonar sound hardware. No more confusion or uncertainty. Clear audio turns you into a virtual online gaming general, and paves the way to victory. Superior audio detection and positioning make gamers equipped with ROG audio gear true champions. Developed using real life insight from full-time players and refined by the expertise of the Xonar team, the ultimate goal here is to help you win! Built for the most dedicated gamers, ROG audio products are committed to win-boosting features, from clear communications to precision detection that amplifies every footstep taken by opponents. No more sneaking around or getting stealth-flanked!