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EC Computers are confident in being the Computer Support Company for you in the Bristol area. Contact us today and we can discuss how we will provide managed IT Support Bristol and surrounding areas to support your business.

Computer Maintenance

Every day, we send out our expert engineers to perform computer maintenance repairs in homes and business across the Bristol and Gloucestershire area. As every valuable customer expects, each expert has a comprehensive kit with them in order to fix all kinds of PC and laptop issues.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is fast becoming the modern way to store data, communicate and run a business.  Our range of Cloud and Internet Services allows you, as a business owner or IT Manager, to develop a solution that suits your business – One-size-fits-all does not fit the needs of a modern business. Our cloud Computing Bristol service is available throughout Gloucester and Somerset too and is tailored to your specific requirements.

Computer and Laptop Repair

Our team of experts are on standby to deal with your computer and laptop repair in Bristol and the surrounding areas. Today’s Laptop and Desktop computers provide better diagnostics, that might be able to fix all obvious problems. However, when it comes to bigger concerns such as slow browsing, email delivery failure and others of such ilk, having an engineer with in-depth knowledge is often the only solution to ensure your laptop is repaired and restored back to the condition it was in when first purchased. EC Computers are happy to advise you over the phone about what we can do for you, connect remotely with your equipment or visit on site to solve the problem.

Data Recovery

I’ve Deleted Some Files, How Can I Get Them Back?

Have you accidentally deleted some files or folders and need data recovery Bristol, Gloucestershire or surrounding areas?

Our data recovery services can very often recover lost data using specialist recovery methods, so stop using your computer and contact us immediately.



If you have deleted some information and need to get it back, DO NOT USE YOUR SYSTEM until we can come and take a look. Deleting data doesn’t mean it’s gone, it just means it can’t been seen. If you have deleted something then stop and get some help. If you continue to use your system in the hope of recovering the data later, this could prevent data recovery as you might over-write the deleted files with newly saved files. By not using the system and by not saving any new files, it makes recovering deleted information much easier and more probable.

Network Services

On the surface, a modern Server or Network makes light-speed communication quick and easy. It should be simple to use as all the technical concerns are cleverly taken care of by an expanse of hardware and software designed to work well with everyone, from the novice to the expert. That is, until the Network goes down, or it becomes clear that there is a technical issue with the Server that is making emailing and internet usage impossible. Not only is this a problem for you and your workers – more importantly, it’s a huge concern for your customers. From E-commerce sites to marketing agencies and beyond, we all need a good, reliable Server and Network, and when problems arise it’s essential to be able to rely on a company who can provide that much-needed support in a timely manner.

Server Support

The Internet was not an uncharted territory for EC Computers as we offered Server Support Bristol and surrounding areas back when it all started. Providing a fast online service is of extreme importance to us which is why we send out our engineers to see you. These engineers are backed up by years of experience and are great at identifying the source of the problem in a manner more fast and efficient than most other IT companies have to offer.

Network Security

EC computers provide IT support and network security in Bristol and the surrounding areas. Security is an important part of our role and all businesses need to be wary of the implications in not having a secure network.

Network & Telecom Cabling

EC Computers can supply a full range of communication cabinets, patch panels, data switches, routers, and will be pleased to extend your network to a wide area system. EC Computers Ltd are network cabling Bristol based suppliers for Voice, CAT5e, CAT6, and Fibre optic.

Managed IT Services

EC Computers can offer its Bristol IT Services at a fixed annual cost which can be broken down into manageable monthly payments. Where we have not supplied your IT infrastructure it will be necessary to conduct an audit of your equipment to give pricing on this – Hassle free Managed Contracts.

We understand that different companies have different needs and our support package can be tailored to fit your exact requirements. 

IT Disaster Recovery

“IT Disaster Recovery” Whilst this is a common phrase it would probably be better to refer to this as Business Continuity Planning, which fundamentally is all about making sure that your business can survive a disaster or extended period of disruption. NAS Network Addressed Storage – this may be the solution to save your data? The causes of the disaster, or period of disruption can be manifold our IT disaster recovery in Bristol and the surrounding areas can help you in a number of ways.

IT Relocation Services

Project Management Probably the most important role within our It relocation services in Bristol, the Project Manager oversees the whole project from end to end, working closely with you and your team to plan every detail before the move. They will sit down with you and consider all the moving issues – strategic planning, interior design, refurbishment, the appointment of corporate, construction and interior professionals and relocation consultants. They’ll make sure that everyone involved, at both your end and ours, knows exactly what’s going to happen and when, enabling you to maintain normal business activities during your business relocation – saving you time, effort, money and stress.

Broadband & Leased Lines

EC Computers work closely with a number of TIER 1 Internet Service Providers to enable our recommendations meet our clients needs, whether cost or performance. Our broadband services in Bristol,Gloucester and Bath is ideal for you, if you have a  business and/or residential need for fast and reliable connectivity.

CCTV in Bristol

CCTV has become a household tool for safeguarding a site and staff from potential intrusions and unwanted visitors. And with today’s modern technology, CCTV has evolved from simple video recording to a turnkey solution that detects unlawful entries and triggers an immediate response to counter it.

And with its verifiable credentials, it currently stands as a source of admissible court evidence.

Here at EC Computers we design custom IP security solutions incorporating state-of-the-art products such as static and dome cameras, digital recordings, matrix systems, iris recognition as well as numerous other devices, that can be controlled remotely.

Photocopier and Print Solutions

If you are the IT Manager or FD of your company, Do your printers spooling out page after page of copy. From Sales orders to Letter’s to documents, if all of these are reproduced using printers then you may be surprised to know that it will be making a serious dent in your office supply budget.

Office and IT Equipment Finance

Why interrupt your cash-flow, you can still have the Office and IT equipment you want, by spreading the cost, but keep your business cash working……for you.

Running a business, whether it be new or old, is a venture that is full of decision making, and 98.9 per cent of them cost money. From renting premises to employing staff, the drain on a fledgling firm’s finances can seem endless, and finding the budget for IT and Office Equipment only adds to the pressure.

CRM Solutions

Here at EC Computers, we offer CRM services like no other by identifying and targeting your company’s best customers, managing various marketing campaigns and generating reliable leads for your sales team. We also assist organisations in improving their sales management by streamlining information shared by multiple employees.

Through our unique CRM software development expertise, we allow your company to create unique relationships with customers which improves customer satisfaction, thus maximising profits. Moreover, such techniques also help your company identifying its most profitable customers so that those customers are given top priority status.

Bespoke Software Applications

Bespoke software is custom-built software that an organisation commissions to perform a specific task. As every business is different in nature, it is impossible to find solutions that can match the exact needs of your organisation. And in such a case, it is more productive to commission bespoke software.

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