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The EC Electronics Group provides a comprehensive range of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) from factories based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK and a wholly owned subsidiary located in Petrosani, Romania.

Core Services are:

  • PCB Assembly - Surface Mount (0402 & uBGA) with AOI
  • PCB Assembly - Conventional Plated Through Hole
  • Cable and Wire Harness Assembly
  • Complete ‘box build’ Final Product Assembly
  • Potting, Encapsulation and Conformal Coating

Both locations are fully ISO 9001:2008 approved and work to internationally recognized IPC standards.

We provide full batch inspection and test via our quality management team including AOI, ICT and full functional.

The Group operates a dedicated procurement and materials management team to source components on a world wide basis for both factories, including fully audited supply chain partners from China and the Far East.

 A fully integrated MRP system supports Group operations enabling the production and materials management teams  to provide our customers with the most competitive pricing and on time delivery.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly

Extensive ESD protected Printed Circuit Board assembly facilities available at our factory sites in the UK and Romania enables us to meet the most demanding applications for both Surface Mount and Plated through Hole Technologies. Both sites are equipped with state of the art convection reflow and wave soldering equipment to ensure controlled soldering of PCB components following automatic or hand placement.

Surface Mount PCB Assembly Manufacture

High speed Philips/Assembleon pick and place lines are configured with LCS (large component sequencers), Sigma AX400 solder paste printers and Essemtec convection reflow solder ovens. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is provided via Yestech F1S and Scanspection equipment that provides a fast, responsive and flexible QA environment. Fully trained operators assemble the widest range of highly complex boards to Industry Standard IPC-A-610D Class 3

Plated Through Hole Assembly Manufacture

Plated Through Hole Assembly Manufacture

Conventional Through Hole component placement is carried out by hand or via semi automatic component insertion station to IPC-A-610D Class 3 workmanship standards. Components can be cropped via our Blakell Autosheer equipment and soldered manually or via our ATF250 lead free Wave Soldering equipment. We use SACPO307 (lead free) solder with no clean flux for wave soldering and no clean solder wire for manual solder/fluxing.

Low Pressure Over-Moulding

What is Low Pressure Overmoulding?

Low Pressure Overmoulding is an innovative encapsulation process positioned between traditional potting and injection moulding technologies. It is a complimentary technology. It does not replace all potting applications and typically does not compete with traditional injection moulding.

LPO is an injection process whereby a PCB assembly, for example, is placed in a specially manufactured aluminium mould tool, and completely surrounded ( overmoulded ) with a liquid compound that effectively forms the housing for the device

Use of specialist raw materials and mold equipment form the key elements in the process.

The molding compounds used are called ‘ hot-melts ‘. These are typically polyamide materials that are heated to 210C, forming a low viscosity material that can be injected at  low pressure ( typically 50 - 200 psi ) into the mold cavity to encapsulate the electronics.

It is the low injection pressure that is paramount in preventing damage to the electronics.

The injected material starts cooling as soon as it comes into contact with the mould cavity, thereby producing a short curing time cycle. Its excellent adhesive properties forms a watertight seal ( IP 67 rated ) around the PCB without any chemical reaction, ensuring that no toxic fumes are produced.

Unlike traditional potting applications, there is no need for a separate housing.


PCB Assembly Testing

PCB Assembly Testing with Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Our test-engineering department is an experienced valuable resource, and can provide solutions to the most challenging requirements. Full AOI inspection is carried out in house on assembled PCB’s as standard practice utilising YESTech high speed equipment.

Final/Full Product Assembly (Box Build)

Combining the core electronic skills of PCB Assembly, Cabling and Electro Mechanical Assembly, our product build specialists offer a dedicated, single source component to “boxed product” service. Electronic products can be assembled, tested and packaged to customer's point of sale specification, incorporating logistics planning and end user delivery.

Product manufacturing cells to meet a specific client’s application can be set up with dedicated factory floor space, assembly staff, line side materials and Kan Ban finished goods stock holding.

Control Panel Assembly

EC engineers have considerable experience in the manufacture of factory assembled Control Panels for a variety of applications and industries, combining the core electronic skills of PCB Assembly, Cabling and Electro Mechanical Assembly.

Our product build specialists offer a single source dedicated assembly service, including the mounting and integration of PCB’s, associated power and electrical equipment, interconnect cabling and wiring, component marking and electronic testing.

Cable & Wire Harness Assembly

State of the art cable assembly preparation equipment and highly experienced staff are at the heart of our Cable Assembly Service operations. Our Komax and Kodera fully automatic wire processing machines, incorporating digital crimp height and crimp force analysis at every termination, ensure a consistent quality that is second to none.

These state of the art machines are supported by our wide range of modern semi automatic crimping, wire preparation and marking equipment used for lower volume, more bespoke assemblies.

Our Cable Assembly Services include: Cut & Prepared Wires, Crimped Assemblies and Cable Looms & Harnesses.

Fully Automatic High Speed Cut Wire Processing

Along with our highly experienced operators, EC’s Komax 255 configuration forms a key component our Cable Assembly Services operation.

Our Komax Gamma 255 is a flexible fully automatic crimping machine for efficient wire processing. It processes cross sections in a range from 0.0123mm2/AWG36 to 2.5mm2/AWG14 in excellent quality. It is compatible with all commercially available applications and can handle double side crimped wires as short as 20mm. The entire cross section is processed using programmable, highly dynamic servo-drives and V stripping blades.

As part of its standard equipment, the machine has a prefeeder, splice, wire-end and knot detection, as well as two wire straightening units. The integrated prefeeder assures gentle wire feed from drums, coils or reels even at high draw-in speeds.

Conformal Coating, Potting & Encapsulation

A variety of back potting and encapsulation processes are offered to provide protection from environmental hazards or product design security. Selection of the right compound is important and advice can be given to ensure optimum performance and value for money. Specialist Metermix plant enables us to encapsulate or back pot a wide range of PCB’s as well as connectors and interface box assemblies.

Operating from a dedicated location within factory, our modern specialist plant conforms to the highest safety standards and includes full fume extraction facilities. Specialist plant allows us to offer PCB conformal coating as an added value service where a higher than normal level of protection is needed for the components and circuit.

PCB Design & Layout

Our PCB design and layout service enable us to project manage your new product introduction right from the start. For more complex designs we work with a small number of specially selected electronic design houses.

This ensures that your new product receives the highest levels of specialist design skills it deserves. Our multi- skilled engineers provide input to all new PCB product designs we are involved with to ensure that your board is best prepared for manufacture and test, via our Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Design for Test (DFT) service.

Quality & Workmanship Standards

EC Electronics has been an ISO9001 approved EMS provider since 1994

EC’s Executive Management has set a Quality Policy, which is reflected throughout the Quality Management System which is to comply with and fully maintain the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2008.

We also adopt the highest professional standards of workmanship by embracing the internationally recognised IPC-A- 610E Class 3 and IPC/WHMA – 620 Class 3 codes of practice for PCB Assembly and Cable and Wire Harness Assembly respectively.

We also have UL Approval (Underwriters Laboratories) for Cable & Wire Harness Assemblies.

Managed Supply Chain Services from Hong Kong

In parallel with EMS, we source products and services from fully audited Chinese and South East Asian manufacturers covering virtually any requirement, including:

  •  PCB Bare Boards
  •  PCB Assemblies
  •  Complete Product Assemblies
  •  Cable Assemblies
  •  Wire Harness Assemblies
  •  Metal & Plastic Fabrications
  •  ESD & Clean Room Consumables
  •  All types of Product Supply

EC Supply Chain Solutions Ltd supplies our EMS business but is also a stand alone operation whose primary function is to provide clients with a direct ‘ upstream ‘ supply chain service for virtually any product or service that can be sourced from Chinese and South East Asian suppliers.

It allows our customers world wide to take advantage of the economic benefits of offshore Asian supply, but with the added benefit of a secure and established managed service that minimises the associated risks.

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