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Eckold Ltd are responsible for the sales and service and development of various machines ranging from simple hand held tools to fully automatic process controlled multi functional machines, for cold forming sheet metal, tubes, profiles and the world renowned Eckold Clinching technique. The permanent joint is created by cold forming of the parts without the use of additional or ancillary materials.

The most significant feature of this technique, which is standardised in DIN 8593, is the joint is made from the material of the component parts which are to be connected.

Introduced to the industry in 1981 Eckold-Clinching has proven its ability to replace well known joining techniques like spot welding or riveting in many areas.
Eckold-Clinching is, efficient, effective, innovative quiet, clean and energy saving.

In 1936 the Eckold Kraftformer was first introduced to the market by Walter Eckold. The principle of these machines today is nearly the same. Even today the Eckold Kraftformer is a unique machine for cold forming sheet metal and profiles. You can find our machines for example in aerospace companies, shipyards and railway coach works. Eckold Kraftformer are used in nearly every sheet metal working shop.

The Eckold Kraftformer is provided with a wide range of tools which can be mounted and changed in a matter of seconds, which cuts down-time and speeds up production.

For both heavy industry and small sheet metal shops using this technology we provide a wide range of different machines and tools to suit the customer

i.e. large and small machines, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or manually operated, in various modes, portable, mobile or free-standing.

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