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Evaporative cooling can reduce the energy cost of building cooling by over 90%.

EcoCooling are at the forefront of evaporative cooling technology and are leading the way in providing low carbon, low energy cooling solutions for all types of buildings including, factories, warehouses, multi storey offices – large retail outlets, server rooms and data centres.

Suitable for both retrofit and new build, EcoCoolers provide a simple, safe and low cost alternative to refrigeration based cooling for the comfort cooling of buildings. EcoCoolers are low in carbon output and their low energy requirements mean that power savings can be utilised for expansion if required. One EcoCooler covering an area of 250sqm or a 15m diameter circle can provide 30kW of cooling from just 1.5kw of electricity. The combined utility cost works out at under 12p per hour.

For many applications a pleasant working environment can be achieved with very little disruption to the work force in a relatively short space of time.

EcoCoolers have the most advanced control system on the market and can be connected to any existing BMS systems.

EcoCooling have a wide range of Evaporative Coolers for a variety of applications. They offer a completely natural means of producing cool air.

For every 1.5KW of electricity used by one of our Evaporative Coolers 30KW of air conditioning is produced. This is highly economical and in some instance can reduce the cost of cooling by 90%.

The EcoCooling Evaporative Cooler is the only Evaporative Cooler Designed to comply with European Health and Safety regulations.

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Data Centre Cooling

An EcoCooling evaporative cooling system could save up to 90% on Data Centre Cooling and produce a PUE of less than 1.1.

The EcoCooling CREC (Computer Room Evaporative Cooler) has been specifically designed for the cooling of Data centres, UPS rooms, IT rooms and server rooms. Our Evaporative Cooling systems are much more energy efficient than standard conventional computer room air conditioners and for a 100kW server room this could represent an annual saving of £35,000 and over 200 tonnes of carbon with pay back being achieved in under a year in some cases.

An EcoCooler passes external air to the void under the raised floor or to the cold isle where hot and cold isle containment is used.  Below 18°C ambient air is taken and mixed with air re-circulated from the hot aisle.  Above 21°C the EcoCooler uses evaporative cooling to provide air which never exceeds 22°C.

Data Centre Cooling

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Factory Cooling

EcoCooling Evaporative coolers are ideal for factory cooling where air conditioning is either too expensive or impractical. Simple air distribution systems deliver cool, fresh air to provide complete building coverage or spot cooling. Sophisticated process controls together with low water operating temperatures assure a hygienic and safe cooling unit.

One cooler will cover 250sqm or a 15m diameter circle or a 30kW load. Shutters and doors may remain open if required. Power Usage is 30amps single phase.

Factory Cooling

Large Retail Outlets

Evaporative cooling is excellent for large out of town retail outlets where mezzanine floors and large floor spaces can often be subject to high heat gain in the summer.

Evaporative coolers can provide cooled fresh air to maintain the comfort of customers at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning. Coolers can be retrofitted in a short space of time without disrupting business. Energy costs for evaporative cooling work out at approx. 20p per square meter compared with air conditioning at £3.00.

Large Retail Outlets

Warehouse Cooling

Warehouse Cooling can be extremely important. Heat in a warehouse can cause discomfort to staff and damage to stored products.

Evaporative cooling can provide MRHA compliant temperatures in a controlled environment at a fraction of the cost of conventional air conditioning.

Evaporative cooling of Mezzanine floors is also highly effective.

Warehouse Cooling

Industrial Cooling

EcoCooling's Evaporative Cooling can provide a low cost and hygienic solution to the problems of Industrial Cooling.

 Evaporative cooling can offer a simple, safe and low cost way of cooling machines or people at 25% of the installed cost and 10% of the running cost of air-conditioning. The only services required are mains water and 240v electricity. Simple air distribution systems deliver cool, fresh air to provide complete building coverage or spot cooling. Evaporative cooling is simple to retrofit, causing minimal disruption to production.

All our systems come fitted with insect screens and Evaporative Cooling removes fumes and airborne contaminants.

Industrial Cooling
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