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Ecopac Power Ltd is a major European distributor of Power Supplies, Chargers DC/DC Converters and much more...

Established 14 years ago Ecopac Power Ltd is the largest Mean Well distributor in Europe. In partnership with Mean Well, Ecopac Power provides power supplies to the European and UK markets. From External Power Supplies to Open Frame Power Supplies, LED Power Supplies and Drivers, DIN Rail Power Supplies to Battery Chargers, DC-DC Converters to DC-AC Inverters, AC/DC Converters to Enclosed Power Supplies. Our objective is to continue to offer excellent products with outstanding value for money.

Enclosed Power Supplies

ADS-55, AD-55, AD-155, ADD-55, RS-100-12, RS-100-15, RS-100-24, RS-100-3.3, RS-100-48, RS-100-5, RS-150-12, RS-150-15, RS-150-24, RS-150-3.3, RS-150-48, RS-150-5, RS-15-12, RS-15-15, RS-15-24, RS-15-3.3, RS-15-48, RS-15-5, RS-25-12, RS-25-15, RS-25-24, RS-25-3.3, RS-25-48, RS-25-5, RS-35-12, RS-35-15, RS-35-24, RS-35-3.3, RS-35-48, RS-35-5, RS-50-12, RS-50-15, RS-50-24, RS-50-3.3, RS-50-48, RS-50-5, RS-75-12, RS-75-15, RS-75-24, RS-75-3.3, RS-75-48, RS-75-5

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Open Frame Power Supplies

  • ELP-75
  • PM-05
  • PM-10
  • PM-15
  • PM-20

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Din Rail Power Supplies

  • WDR-120
  • MDR-10
  • MDR-20
  • MDR-40
  • MDR-60

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LED Power Solutions

The constant current APC-12 and APC-16 series are 12 watt and 16 watt LED power supplies available in 350mA and 700mA with universal inputs and up to 84% high efficiency they can function from -30°c up to +70°c with only free air convection.

Mean Well have manufactured the constant voltage APV-series for any application that does not need high IP ratings, this allows the costs to be kept low for projects and systems that do not require waterproofing.

LPC-20, LPC-35, LPC-60, ELN-30, ELN-60

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External Power Supplies

  • GSO6U
  • PS-120
  • GSO6E
  • ECO-181
  • GS12U

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  • PA-120
  • PB-120
  • PB-300
  • PB-360
  • PB-600

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High Perfection LED Drivers

  • LP1017
  • LP1020
  • LP1025
  • LP1040
  • LD1007

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Rack Power Supplies And PC Power Supplies

  • ATX-100
  • IPC-200
  • IPC-250
  • IPC-300
  • YP-350A

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Inverters And Solar Inverters

  • A301-100
  • A302-100
  • A301-150-B2
  • A301-150-F3
  • A302-150-B2

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