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Here at ECU Castings, we are small and medium run specialist casting manufacturers working with our clients to manufacture custom built cast components in an assortment of materials including ferrous and non ferrous metals and alloys. As a specialist casting manufacturer, we use methods such as lost wax investment, sand, shell, airset, and die castings.

We work with materials including:


  • Carbon steels

  • Alloy steels

  • Stainless steels

  • Tool steels

  • Cast iron

  • SG iron

  • Ni resist

  • Ni hards

  • Aluminium alloys

  • Aluminium bronzes

  • Beryllium coppers

  • Special purpose steels




Component Casting

We provide component casting and manufacture high quality spare parts for machine tools, machine frames and beds, angle blocks, straight edges, bit holders, light bulb components, pump parts, scraper blades, and anti-vibration mountings. Our unrivaled component casting meets BS 3146 Investment Castings, BS 3100 Sand Castings, BS 1400 Non Ferrous Steel Castings, and BS 1501:2006 Steel Castings.

Component Casting

Cast Products for Welding / Marine Applications

We manufacture cast products for welding and marine applications. We produce cast and forged products in materials including copper, copper alloys, tungsten copper, and beryllium.

Our cast products for welding and marine applications include:

  • Gun handles and arms
  • Tip holders
  • Wire / rod guides
  • Electrode tips
  • Wear parts
  • Propellers
  • Propeller brackets
  • Stern gear
  • Deck fittings
  • Cleats
Cast Products for Welding / Marine Applications

Stainless Steel Casting

We provide stainless steel casting to produce equipment, machinery components and assemblies for the food and catering industry. Our stainless steel casting abilities enables us to create filtering equipment, canning machinery, dairy machinery, pet food machinery, pharmaceutical and baking machinery.


We also use stainless steel casting to produce structural items, machine and digger components including architectural bridge parts, road laying equipment, and digger tips for the construction industry.

Stainless Steel Casting

Bespoke Castings

We manufacture bespoke castings to meet your individual specifications. We have produced bespoke castings including body casting, frame casting, and electro polished investment casting.

Bespoke Castings

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