Eddison and Wanless Ltd


Eddison & Wanless an ISO 9001:2008 registered company specialise in the production of tanks, pressure vessels and pipe work for a variety of industries.

Fabrications have been manufactured in aluminum, mild steel and stainless steel which have been used within the following market sectors:-

  • Power generation and distribution
  • Offshore oil platforms
  • Marine and dockside applications
  • Mining and mineral sites

Eddison & Wanless are a one stop shop for all your fabrication needs. Our 70,000 square foot shop has a 64 ton lifting capacity, together with state of art facilities for in house plasma cutting, bending, rolling, shot blasting, hot metal spraying and painting.

All welding is carried out by welders certified to EN 287/288. To ensure leak free vessels the company can test welds through either, magnetic particle, air pressure or dye penetrant techniques.


Plasma Suparex SXE - P (Bed Capacity 8Mtr x 4Mtr)

200 Amp PT600 Cutting Torch 6mm - 50mm Mild Steel
6mm - 30mm Stainless Steel
6mm - 30mm Aluminium
15 Amp - 100 Amp PT24 Cutting Torch 1mm - 12.5mm Mild Steel
1mm - 10mm Stainless Steel
1mm - 10mm Aluminium

Plasma etch-marking torch

Plasma Suparex SXE - P (Bed Capacity 6Mtr x 4Mtr)

400 Amp PT36 Cutting Torch (including etch-marking facility) 1mm - 60mm Mild Steel
1mm - 35mm Stainless Steel
1mm - 35mm Aluminium

Edwards Pearson 250T Pressbrake Capacity 3200mm x 10mm

Branch Hydraulic Bending RollsCapacity 2500mm x 10mm

Kitchen Walker Radial Arm Drills 6' 0" E3 Model (6' Reach)
8' 0" E4 Model (8' Reach)
Lifting Equipment 2 x 32T Overhead Crane with 10T Auxiliary Hoist (9Mtr + Floor to hook)
1 x 10T Overhead Crane
1 x 5T Overhead Crane
2 x 1T Overhead Crane
6 x 1T Jib Cranes
2 x 0.5T Jib Crane

Shotblast Booth 12Mtr Length x 6Mtr Width x 6Mtr Height

Painting Booths 12Mtr Length x 6.2Mtr Width x 6Mtr Height
Complete with temperature control

6Mtr Length x 5Mtr Width x 5Mtr Height

9.5Mtr Length x 5.5Mtr Width x 4.5Mtr Height
Booth also used to Zinc Metal Spray

Type of painting undertaken ranges from Solvent Based Single Pack & 2 Pack Paints and Water Based/Borne Single Pack & 2 Pack Paints. Conventional and Air Assisted Airless Spray Equipment is used.

Welding Sets Fronius Transynergic Welding Sets

Saw Cutting Mega BS760-M Horizontal Bandsaw - Swivel Frame.
440mm Diameter Capacity @ 90 Degrees.

Factory Size 60,000 ft² Floor space with an additional 10,000ft² of mezzanine area 

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