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EDP Europe specialises in the supply of critical infrastructure solutions for the data centre environment. Building on more than 25 years experience, EDP Europe focuses on providing a broad portfolio of leading edge systems designed to optimise the overall performance of its customers’ data centres. From design & build to ongoing operational management, EDP Europe can support throughout the lifecycle of a data centre to increase efficiency, resiliency, flexibility and security.

Data Centre Cooling Solutions

Efficiently cooling the data centre plays an important role in reducing the overall running costs.  EDP Europe offers a number of airflow management and data centre cooling solutions that enables data centres to operate using best practice procedures, which can enable them to reduce the output of CRAC units.

KoldLok® Raised Floor Grommets

KoldLok raised floor grommets are the leading solution for sealing cable openings, and other openings, within raised floor environments.  By sealing such openings it greatly reduces bypass airflow and helps enable improvements to the energy efficiency of the Data Centre’s cooling system.

KoldLok® Integral Grommets

KoldLok Integral grommets are ideal for new cable cut outs in the raised floor.  They feature a double layer of brush and are designed to fit flush to the top of the floor tile.  Also, available is the Split Integral grommet which is a pre-cut Integral grommet and enables installation around existing cables or can be used on tile edge cuts.

KoldLok® Surface Grommets

KoldLok Surface grommets are designed to be installed around existing cable cut outs and are stuck to the surface of the tile.  The Surface grommet is available in two additional versions the Surface L and the Surface XL.  These utilise different sized metal plates that surround the Surface grommet and enable installation over larger openings.

KoldLok® Extended Grommets

KoldLok Extended Grommets are available with 3” or 6” filaments and are 600mm long (5ft versions are also available).  Extended grommets are designed to seal larger openings and are ideal for use around the perimeter of the room.

KoldLok® Round

KoldLok Round is available in two sizes 4” and 6”.  Both feature Hybrid Brush Technology (HBT), which combines KoldLok® brush technology with a membrane layer.  Being round installation is easier as openings can be drilled with a core drill.  Both KoldLok Round grommets have a split design to enable installation into existing round cable openings.

19" Blanking Panels

Improving rack airflow plays an important role in data centre airflow management. By using 19” blanking panels within a rack it prevents hot server exhaust air from circulating back to the front of the rack and mixing with the cold air cooling the servers.  EDP Europe offers three leading blanking panel solutions:

EZIBlank® Blanking Panels

EZIBlank blanking panels are supplied in 6U sheets that can be snapped at 1U intervals allowing them to blank out the required amount of unused rack space.  There tool-less design means that they require no fixings for installation making them quick, and easy to install.

HotLok® Blanking Panels

HotLok Blanking Panels are 1U or 2U blanking panels, which have built-in finger grips for easy installation and removal. Their cantilevered vanes seal against installed equipment or other HotLok blanking panels eliminating any gaps between the panels and equipment.

PlenaFill® Blanking Panels

PlenaFill blanking panels are supplied in 27U sheets that are scored at 1U intervals. Using rivet fixings PlenaFill can be easily installed and quickly blanks off large areas of unused rack space.  Alternatively, the panels can be adjusted to size to blank smaller areas between installed equipment.

Triad Airflow Floor Grille

The Triad floor grille can help improve how cold air is delivered to the equipment mounted in the 19” racks, thanks to its specially designed Hi-Plume Stratification fins and strategically designed hole pattern which creates a dispersed pattern of airflow out of the grille. The result is better stratification and dispersion of air from the floor grille resulting in improved cooling of the IT equipment.

Network Switch Cooling

Due to the nature of their deployment, many top-of-rack network switches suffer from poor cooling or overheating issues.  This is normally caused through mixing air streams and the network switches breathing hot exhaust air.  SwitchAir® provides a range of passive and active solutions that enables cool air from the front of the 19” rack to be directed to the correct cooling path of the network switch.  As this cooling path varies from switch to switch, there are various SwitchAir products that handle side, front and rear airflow intakes.

Aisle Containment Solutions

Aisle Containment is a popular way of cooling high density server installations. Aisle Containment works by separating hot and cold air flow.  There are a number of solutions available:

Cold Aisle Containment

Cold Aisle Containment is where the cold aisle is enclosed preventing the cold air mixing with the hot exhaust air.  EDP Europe offers a fully flexible, customisable cold aisle containment system that can be used in new build projects or as a retrofit application.  It is independent of cabinet manufacturer and can be designed to fit with any rack configuration including aisles with varying rack heights, widths, depths and alignment.

Hot Aisle Containment

The flexibility of EDP’s aisle containment system enables it to also be configured for hot aisle containment.  In a hot aisle containment installation the hot aisle is fully enclosed infill panels above the racks help direct the hot exhaust air back into the ceiling plenum and back to the CRAC units.

Thermal Curtain Containment

Thermal curtains are vertical PVC partitions that form a thermal barrier and provide a cost effective and flexible solution for either hot aisle or cold aisle containment. Thermal curtains can be deployed above or around IT enclosures and can be used for "door ways" at the end of rack rows. They provide a vendor neutral application and mounting on a heavy duty track can be installed rapidly and scaled as the requirement changes.

AisleLok® Modular Containment

AisleLok Modular Containment is the latest airflow solution from Upsite Technologies, and provides a modular, out-of-the-box aisle containment solution that can be easily installed in minutes. Specially designed baffles that are designed for either hot aisle containment or cold aisle containment are fixed to the top of the cabinets using a non-intrusive mounting method, with saloon-style doors attaching in a similar method to the end of row cabinets.  Also available is an Adjustable Rack Gap Panel that attaches between racks or other metal surface and adjusts to fill spaces from 254mm to 1,524mm (10” to 60”) for example where space has been left for additional racks or where there maybe a building support. For areas where there may not be a metal surface, the optional Striker Plate Kit is available that enables installation on non-metallic surfaces for example a wall.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

EDP Europe works with leading manufacturers to deliver infrastructure that is capable of meeting the requirements of the data centre today and for tomorrow.

19 Inch Racks

EDP Europe offers 19” racks from a range of leading manufacturers including Retex, Usystems and Rittal.

Server Racks

EDP Europe distributes the Retex Logic2 and RetO servers racks which have the advantage of being supplied fully built or flat packed.  Unlike other flat packed server racks Retex racks can be fully assembled in around 5 minutes. Along with Retex EDP also offers the 4210 server rack from Usystems and the TS IT server rack from Rittal.

Water Cooled Racks

Water Cooled Racks are an effective way to cool high density server installations. EDP Europe offers the ColdLogik™ water cooled rack solution from USystems that can cool IT loads of up to 45kW per rack. 

Chimney Racks

Chimney Racks provide another way to improve data centre cooling efficiency.  The ColdLogik™ Chimney Racks work by isolating the hot air return path and directing air into the ceiling plenum and back to the CRAC unit.

Soundproof 19 Inch Cabinets

EDP Europe distributes USystems UCoustic™ 19″ Soundproof cabinets. The UCoustic™ family comprises of 12U, 24U and 42U 19″ Soundproof cabinets and with a 19″ Soundproof Wall Box also avialable.

Wall Mount Racks / Wall Boxes

USpace™ 19″ Wall Boxes are wall mount racks and are available in either single or dual section wall mount rack. Dual section racks are deeper and pivot to allow easier access to the rear of the stored devices. The 600mm deep wall boxes have removable lockable side panels to allow access to the rear of the devices.

Rack Security

With greater regulatory control, and legislation regarding announcing security breaches, knowing that you are proactively managing these risks is important. This is why EDP Europe offers a leading rack security solution that enables controlled access and management.

Rack Access Control

Rack access control systems from TZ, enable data centre managers to manage who can access individual racks and receive alerts when security has been breached.  The TZ system records every event enabling a full audit trail to be reported on.  The TZ Centurion™ is a stand alone rack security system, while the TZ Praetorian™ can integrate into building management systems. Swing handle racks can be retro-fitted with the TZ SlideHandle™ which features a traffic light indicator that shows which racks are locked, are ready for access and which ones are open.

Bio-metric Swipe Access Cards

With increasing focus on Information Security, compliance and the need for robust access control, the move to dual authentication and biometrics is gathering momentum. To enable this transition, EDP Europe now offers a biometric swipe access card that provides dual level authentication without needing to invest in replacing existing card reader infrastructure. The card is enrolled in the same way as existing contactless cards but has on board biometric fingerprint technology to tie the card to a specific individual.

Asset Tracking

EDP Europe has a family of asset tracking and management solutions that track the movement and location of inventory assets or document assets. This enables better asset management, inventory taking and traceability of where assets are located, who has or had them last all through the use of barcode or RFID technology.

Fibre Optic Solutions

EDP Europe distributes Huber+Suhner’s LiSA fibre optic management system that includes high density, small footprint ODFs, fibre optic cabling and patch cords, fibre patch panels and fibre optic containment raceways. 

Fibre Optic Cable & Patch Cords

Huber + Suhner offer a wide range of fibre optic cables and patch cords that are designed and tested extensively for highest load. They use high quality fibres for the best data transmission and use adequate fibre coating to provide high thermal and mechanical load. The cables utilise LSFH™ materials (low smoke & free of halogen) which are flame retardant and self-extinguishing. Cables are also available with glass or steel armour to prevent damage caused by rodents.

The MTP® Masterline solution provides a multi-fibre cabling system with pre-terminated MTP connectors, purpose made for high density backbone & horizontal connections between racks or zones within the data centre.

ODF Racks

Huber + Suhner Optical Distribution Frames (ODF Racks) are high density fibre optic management frames that serve as a central cross-connect in the Main Distribution Area of the data centre. The ODF Rack has a small footprint depth of only 300mm, with two frame widths of 900mm or 1500mm.  Fully modular the system provides excellent flexibility of your fibre optic cable distribution and management.

Fibre Containment Raceways

The Huber + Suhner LiSA fibre containment raceway system is designed to perfectly route, isolate and protect fibre optic network cables.  The system has a range of components and is designed to duct fibre optic cables from the building entry to fibre distribution frames or between termination equipment, patch panels and fibre optic cabinets.

Copper Structured Cabling - METZ CONNECT

EDP Europe is the UK & Ireland distributor of METZ CONNECT P|Cabling copper structured cabling system that delivers speed and transmission rates for modern network support. The METZ CONNECT P|Cabling copper structured cabling system offers a full range of Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A, Cat 7 and Cat 7A installation cables, patch leads and accessories. The P|Cabling copper structured cabling system offers various connectors, modules, wall outlets and patch panels. The METZ CONNECT P|Cabling product range includes the DCCS2 system that provides an optimised data centre solution enabling copper and fibre optic patching to be done from within the same 1U panel. 

Network Cabling

METZ CONNECT network cabling is available in all popular network cable categories including Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7 and Cat7A and in U/UTP, U/FTP and S/FTP cabling formats. All METZ CONNECT network cabling is LSFH (low smoke, free halogen).

Patch Cords / Patch Cables

METZ CONNECT provide patch cords and patch cables in Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A, with the Cat6A Patch Cables being fully shielded.  All patch cords are available in popular lengths and in seven different colours.

Patch Panels

METZ CONNECT offer both punch down patch panels and unequipped patch panel module frames for Keystone RJ45 modules. METZ CONNECT patch panels are available in either 24 port or 48 port models and in 0.5U, 1U and 1.5U sizes.

Copper & Fibre Patching

The METZ CONNECT DCCS2 system is a high density copper & fibre patching solution that enables copper & fibre patching to be done from within the same 1U panel. The assembly chassis can be kitted out with various link modules enabling single mode and multi mode fibre to be in the same 1U space as copper terminations.

Raised Access Floors

EDP Europe works with Bergvik Flooring, who manufacture a dynamic raised floor solution that is completely different to a traditional pedestal, raised floor system. Bergvik Iso Floor is built around a unique steel substructure that uses up to 70% fewer pedestals offering quicker deployment, better optimisation of cable management and building services and improvements in airflow management. The design allows accommodates up to 25% more equipment when compared to a traditional pedestal raised floor system.

Power Distribution Units

EDP Europe works with leading power distribution unit manufacturers as well as providing our own branded basic and intelligent PDUs.  We are able to produce custom built PDUs to an individual specification without any minimum order quantities.

Intelligent PDUs

Intelligent PDUs vary in specification but generally provide a level of power monitoring, in some cases this is to PDU strip level or alternatively can be to individual outlet level.  Some intelligent PDUs also provide remote switching enabling cycling of the power to an individual outlet.  EDP Europe distributes a number of intelligent PDU solutions including PDUs from Raritan, Dataprobe, Server Technology and our own iPower intelligent PDUs.

Basic PDUs

EDP Europe supplies a range of horizontal or vertical PDUs that purely supply power to the attached equipment.  Our basic PDUs are available with a range of outlets including: C13, C19, UK socket and European Schuko and are available with standard UK 3 pin plug or with a 16Amp or 32Amp commando plug.  Basic PDUs can also be ordered to a custom specification enabling a mix of outlets and additional features such as thermal trips, circuit breakers, Ammeters etc.

3 Phase PDUs

As well as supplying single phase basic and intelligent PDUs, EDP is also able to offer 3 phase PDUs.  Our 3 phase PDUs are built for high consumption equipment, and can be custom configured with single style or a mixture of outlets per phase enabling you to mix C13 or C19 outlets to meet your requirement.

Power Splitter Box

EDP’s power splitter box takes a 63Amp or 32Amp power feed and splits it into multiple output feeds, so a 63Amp feed could be split to two 32 Amp outlets or four 16Amp Outlets. The power splitter box comes with a 3m lead, with a double pole MCB protecting each output. Supplied either as a free standing case or as a 4U 19” rack mount unit.

Packet Power Wireless Power Monitoring

EDP Europe distributes the wireless power monitoring solution from Packet Power. The Packet Power wireless monitoring solution not only enables power monitoring but also environmental monitoring.  Smart power cables and environmental monitoring devices form a wireless mesh network which communicate with each other and link back to a central Ethernet Gateway that enables interface to a management portal.

Environmental Monitoring

As well as the Packet Power wireless monitoring solution, EDP Europe also provides environmental monitoring solutions from leading manufacturers including Geist and Jacarta. These solutions not only provide temperature and humidity monitoring but are also capable of monitoring other conditions such as airflow, moisture, or dry contacts.

Media Storage Solutions

EDP Europe is a market leader in media library storage solutions offering our own open storage racks, enclosed solutions from Russ Bassett, transportable media cases from Turtle and media tape identification labels from Tri-Optic.

Media Storage Racks / Cabinets

EDP Europe offers a range of open rack media storage solutions for storing a wide variety of media tapes including LTO, DLT and 3590.  The racks use interchangeable storage pacs for storing different types of media tapes.  Where an enclosed media storage solution is required EDP Europe distributes Russ Bassett ProMedia media storage products where media tapes are stored in vertical or horizontal drawers depending on the storage capacity required.

Media Transport Cases

EDP Europe distributes Turtle media transport cases for transporting media tapes to offsite tape storage facilities.  Turtle media transit cases protect the stored media tapes from damage from shock / impact, debris from foreign contaminants and Temperature / Humidity extremes whilst they are being transported to offsite tape storage areas. They can also be used for storing small numbers of media tapes. The Turtle range also includes a range of waterproof media cases.

Media Tape Identification Labels

EDP Tri-Optic Media Labels offer the widest range of media tape identification labels, and are the media labels of choice from the leading tape manufacturers. EDP Tri-Optic colour coded media labels make it easier to identify tapes, with labels available for all types of media cartridges including LTO, DLT and SDLT. Labels are also available with embedded RFID tag, enabling tapes to be tracked through asset tracking systems.

Computer Crash Carts

EDP Europe offers various models of computer crash carts, including our own computer crash cart, which provide the ideal solution to all your mobile computing needs. These highly flexible computer crash carts can be adjusted to ensure maximum comfort for the user, whether in a seated or standing position.

Server Lifters

EDP Europe offers a range of battery operated server lifters and manual server lifters for manoeuvring servers and other IT equipment around data centres and computer rooms.

KVM Switches / KVM Extenders

KVM switches enable operators to access, control and manage multiple computers from a single keyboard, video (monitor) and mouse.  KVM Switches come in various formats either analogue or digital which enables remote access over IP.  EDP also offers products for extending video and distributing multiple video outputs to a single screen, with products from Rose Electronics or Raritan available.

To find out more about the products and services EDP Europe has to offer contact us today by calling 01376 510337, visit our website - www.edpeurope.com or e-mail sales@edpeurope.com.

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