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We have 26 years of experience with our ESD/anti static floor paints.

  • Electroguard E30 anti static floor paint is a two-pack water-based, static dissipative polyurethane paint. It is simple to apply, long lasting and provides high-quality protection from static electricity. Available in Light Grey.
  • Electroguard A40 is a single pack, water-based acrylic, static dissipative paint. This is ideal for smaller areas or areas of low traffic. A40 is available in Light Grey, Royal Blue, Tile Red and Forest Green.
  • An Anti Slip option for Electroguard A40 is now available.

Both paints meet all current specifications and are used extensively across the world.

Contact us for advice and help regarding Anti Static Paints.


Wiper Paper

We are the leading European manufacturer of stencil rolls and wiper paper. Our supply of stencil rolls and wiper paper is distributed throughout the electronics industry.

Edson are able to offer 1 roll or 10,000 rolls per order, made to order from our UK production facility. Manufacturing on site in the UK allows us to offer short lead times and absolute flexibility to our customers leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction. We offer over 60 types of rolls for 12 types of machines using the highest quality material available on the market.

We supply direct to customers or offer a local service via our extensive European network of distributors.


Wiper Paper

Digital Printer Cleaning Swabs

Our high quality foam swabs are specially designed to clean Digital Printers such as Mimaki, Epson. They are also suitable for cleaning a wide range of other products including printed circuit boards, disc drives, cameras, ATM machines and computer keyboards.

Our swabs can now be bought quickly and without fuss via our ONLINE SHOP. Please visit our website and follow the link for quick and easy purchasing.


Digital Printer Cleaning Swabs


We provide numerous options in high-quality wipes, including the new ‘Box Wipes’ - BW 150.

Following customer requests we have improved the packaging for our ever popular 67gsm Polyester Cellulose Wipes. The wipes are now C-Folded and dispensed in a recyclable, non-static generative box. This is a vastly improved, one-handed method of dispensing wipes.

These non-woven wipes have hydraulically interlaced fibres, combining the soft strength of polyester with the high absorbency of cellulose for critical cleaning, drying and handling of sensitive components and equipment.



Clear Anti Static Coating

Statclear A50 is a ready to use liquid and easy to apply. Simply spray and wipe for permanent static protection. Statclear A50 is water based, non migrating, fully biodegradable containing no solvents or dangerous chemicals. It is ideal for coating static generating bins, trays, shelving, benches, screens, glass, walls and packaging for static sensitive materials including bags. Coating these items gives excellent cost savings compared to buying replacement ESD safe products. Due to its safe nature Statclear A50 is particularly suitable for clean room areas.



Clear Anti Static Coating
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