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What Edusentials Believe

With years of expertise in the Educational industry, we believe in providing practical and innovative solutions for the busy practitioner, freeing you to attend to the care, development and growth of children's minds and bodies. We believe balanced development of both mind and body is essential for a happier, healthier child and that learning can and should be FUN. It may seem unnecessary to say, being an educational supplier, but we are passionate about education. 'Every Child Matters!' This is more than a statement to us: It is our firm belief.

Safe Play, Safe Environment

Edusentials believes that development through play, in a safe environment, is fundamental to the growth and learning of young children. We source all of our school supplies with careful consideration for each product’s suitability for use in a busy classroom. We aim to provide stimulating resources that will help foster language acquisition, challenge young minds and bodies and aid the development of sensory, motor and cognitive skills which are so vital to all learning.

Challenges of working in education

We understand the challenges of working in education and the ever increasing demands on the practitioner. Stretched budgets add an even greater pressure and we aim to be of assistance to you and hope that you will give us the chance to support you in your practical requirement, as we strive to source only the very best supplies for your school and your valuable work.

Can't find what you're looking for?

If you cannot find what you are looking for on our site, please give us a call.  We may be able to source the products for you. We will do our very best. We may even be able to give you a better quote, saving you even more money!

School Art and Craft Supplies

Art and craft supplies are essential pieces of equipment in any classroom or nursery setting. They provide an opportunity for children to express themselves, allowing them to experiment with making all manner of exciting and interesting things.

School Supplies

Here at Edusentials, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a wide range of high-quality primary school supplies, nursery resources, classroom furniture and play equipment to schools and nurseries across the UK.

With a well-developed reputable supply chain we are able to offer you very competitive prices and save you money on your orders, enabling you get the very most from your budget - something which is more important now than ever. Furthermore, we offer FREE DELIVERY on all mainland UK orders.


Classroom Carpets

Our range includes our ever-popular placement carpets which give a clear visual placement setting allowing children to take ownership of their own space and not infringe on others - something which helps keep harmony with groups of children.

Nursery Equipment

The nursery is where the majority of babies spend their formative years. It is important therefore that a nursery is filled with a range of nursery equipment and nursery supplies that not only provide the basic needs for care but also a range of toys to stimulate, engage and support a baby’s development.

Soft Play

Our soft play range includes a wonderful array of tactile and versatile soft play shapes and soft play activity sets which allow children's imaginations to fly! The soft play shapes engage and inspire young children through tactile experience.


Early Years

This extensive range of early years products supports EYFS learning. We have an extensive range of bikes and trikes for young children, construction sets including hollow blocks and rainbow blocks, dolls houses and dressing up costumes to help the children develop confidence through role play. Our fabric resources, jigsaw puzzles focussed on family life and people who help us, pop-up play and a fantastic range of puppets and theatres allow children to get creative in drama!

Furniture for Schools

We have an extensive range of school furniture for both primary and nursery environments. Whether you’re looking for classroom tables and chairs or book storage for your library, we have a wide selection of school furniture to choose from, all of which has been carefully sourced and properly assessed. We have a full spectrum of choice to cater for different age groups in different heights and sizes.

Childrens Gardening Equipment

Encourage all children to get outside and enjoy and appreciate the great outdoors with our superb range of gardening products. We have cold frames, gardening trolleys and gardening tools. Why not encourage the children to learn how to grow their own fruit and vegetables and enhance your school or nursery environment at the same time with our range of wooden planters, plastic planters and metal planters.

Physical Activity Equipment for Education

We have a range of team equipment, climbing frames, gym equipment, mats, playground activity toys, swing sets and tunnels so there really is something for everyone. We even have a range of storage solutions for all the equipment to be stored in!

Sensory Equipment

Toys are a fantastic sensory resource. Children can immerse themselves in the delights of a wooden activity board, play with the different elements on an activity cube or experiment with the rainbow bricks, or tubie toys. The range of sensory toys also includes liquid timers, threading toys, play pieces which glow in the dark and toys perfect for children with special needs.

Playground Equipment

Our outdoor range includes a wealth of play equipment, storage and furniture which makes taking the classroom outdoors an exciting prospect.

Also including dens and outdoor activity products including giant weaving frames, play houses and our ever popular willow teepees and huts. So there is no shortage of ideas to entertain your audience whatever the age.

We even have wellie racks to manage any messy footwear so there's no excuse for not enjoying being outside!

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