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Our custom keypads manufactured from silicone rubber are made to customer's designs and to almost any size and shape, in single or multi colours.

Made from durable silicone rubber, our elastomer custom keypads are available in either conductive or non-conductive configurations to suit any design requirements.  The keypad may interface directly with a PCB (conductive), a membrane or with any other type of switch (non-conductive).

We have two types of elastomer and rubber keypads available. The Integral keypad is constructed in one piece and incorporates the keys and the keymat. This type of keypad is specifically designed to fit directly into a bezel in a hand held device. The Inner type of keypad is designed to act as a switching or spring layer between the keys. It is a very popular design in full travel keyboards and has replaced many of the traditional mechanical switch keyboards.

All our rubber keypads are compression moulded to exacting standards and are available with a range of options to enhance your keyboard design  Moulds may be single cavity tools for prototype, or low volume production, or larger multi cavity tools for higher volume requirements. We will assist you in your design to find the most economical solution.

EECO elastomer keypads also have a range of options and special features to enhance your keyboard design including special protective finishes and lighted keys.

Electromechanical Switches

EECO has experience in a wide product range of electromechanical, coded switches.

EECO pioneered the first lighted thumbwheel switch and continues to develop a wide portfolio of thumbwheels for industrial and military applications. 

EECO have an unrivalled thumbwheel selection of switches including:

  • Standard binary applications
  • Switches for harsh industrial use
  • Heavy-duty construction with sealed housings designed with military performance in mind
  • Ultra-compact packages for when space is critical

Keypad Manufacturing

Our keypad manufacturing facilities are in Taiwan, where our tools are precision made from customers’ design and supplied to us as CAD files.

All aspects of keypad manufacturing, from the tool manufacturing to the finished article, are carefully monitored and checked at every stage by our highly trained and experienced staff.

Whether you want a simple numeric or alpha numeric keypad or something a lot more complex, we can accommodate your project. You can trust us to ensure your product is of the highest quality.

EECO Products

EECO products include a wide range of man and machine interface products such as electromechanical switches, rubber keypads, membrane switches, thumbwheel switches, stripswitches, and MicroDIPS. For more detailed information on EECO products, contact us today.

Thumbwheel Switches

We manufacture a variety of thumbwheel switches, from industrial type 2000 series to the MilSpec 7000 series. Thumbwheel switches are available in single switch or multi switch assemblies with various configurations to suit the majority of applications.

The 1800 series front snap-in mounting eliminates the need for extra hardware and has large characters for easy reading. The 1776 and 1976 series is our most popular thumbwheel models. The large numbers for easy to read and the dustproof designs.

MicroDip Switches

We are the inventors of the MicroDIP switch. The 3500 MicroDip switches series is fully sealed and compatible with automated soldering and cleaning processes. It can withstand high process temperatures and has eight binary and decimal code models.

They also have the optional right angle to allow the designer the maximum design flexibility, an optional extended shaft for through panel actuation and three types of optional knob for ease of hand setting.

The 4600 Series is the ultra low profile version of our 3500 Series, allowing compact PC board designs. Fully sealed, it allows automated soldering and cleaning processes, and prevents contamination. It also has an optional extended shaft to allow hand setting.

4800 series is the SMT version of the 4600 and has all the same features as the 4600 and is also available on tape and reel for pick and place machinery insertion. 2300 series is a colour coded DIP switch to eliminate setting errors of standard DIPS, with rotary actuation. We are also the sole suppliers of double pole models.


Our stripswitches are divided into two series. The 2100 series is the original stripswitch and is easy to set with fingers or tools. It has large numbers to make it easy to read and is suited to a diversity of applications such as electronic scales, test equipment, security systems, and any micro-processor based device.

The 2700 series is exclusive to us and is a fully sealed version of our 2100 series. It is also compatible with automated soldering and cleaning processes.

EK-112A Low Profile Keypad

The EK-112A low profile keyboard is designed to meet the needs and requirements of cost conscious applications. It features 10mm square ergonomically shaped ABS keys to enhance the pleasing tactile response to the high quality, high reliable elastomer keypad.

The circuit board on the EK-112A low profile keyboard incorporates an X-Y matrix accessed via terminations on the lower edge of the keypad assembly.  These keypads are RoHS compliant and available in small quantities.

Membrane Keypads

Our custom designed membrane keyboards are manufactured to offer the ultimate in reliability for many operation environments.

The material used in the production of our custom membrane assemblies is sourced from leading worldwide manufacturers, including 3M and GE, ensuring we directly meet the exacting requirements of our customers' specifications.

The options available for design include embossing, backlighting, RFI and EMC shielding, and full custom assemblies include plastic or aluminium back plates or PCB. Our state of the art, innovative manufacturing facility can accommodate small pre-production runs through to high quality turnkey production.

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