EECO Switch

Our custom keypads manufactured from silicone rubber are made to customer's designs and to almost any size and shape, in single or multi colours.

Made from durable silicone rubber, our elastomer custom keypads are available in either conductive or non-conductive configurations to suit any design requirements.  The keypad may interface directly with a PCB (conductive), a membrane or with any other type of switch (non-conductive).

We have two types of elastomer and rubber keypads available. The Integral keypad is constructed in one piece and incorporates the keys and the keymat. This type of keypad is specifically designed to fit directly into a bezel in a hand held device. The Inner type of keypad is designed to act as a switching or spring layer between the keys. It is a very popular design in full travel keyboards and has replaced many of the traditional mechanical switch keyboards.

All our rubber keypads are compression moulded to exacting standards and are available with a range of options to enhance your keyboard design  Moulds may be single cavity tools for prototype, or low volume production, or larger multi cavity tools for higher volume requirements. We will assist you in your design to find the most economical solution.

EECO elastomer keypads also have a range of options and special features to enhance your keyboard design including special protective finishes and lighted keys.

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  2. Rotary Switches
  1. Custom Keypads

    Custom Keypads
    Compression moulded to exacting standards. Availiable with many special features. RoHS
  2. Custom Membrane Switches

    Custom Membrane Switches
    Over 30 years manufacturing experience. Superior switch circuit design. Digital printing now availiable. RoHS
  3. Double Pole Rotary MICRO-DIP® Switch

    Double Pole Rotary MICRO-DIP®  Switch
    Unique to EECO. Ideal for CMOS applications. LIFETIME WARRANTY. RoHS.
  4. Electromechanical Switches

    Electromechanical Switches

    EECO has experience in a wide product range of coded electromechanical switches.

    EECO pioneered the first lighted thumbwheel switch and continues to develop a wide portfolio of thumbwheels for industrial and military applications. EECO have an unrivalled thumbwheel selection of electromechanical switches including: Standard binary applications Switches for harsh industrial use Heavy-duty construction with sealed housings designed with military performance in mind Ultra-compact packages for when space is critical

  5. Full Sealed Rotary MICRO-DIP® Switch

    Full Sealed Rotary  MICRO-DIP® Switch
    Direct decimal to binary conversion for addressing PROMS or setting micro-processor controlled devices. LIFETIME WARRANTY. RoHS
  6. Keypad Design Guidelines

    Keypad Design Guidelines
    Recommended keypad layout, bezel dimensions, printing guidelines, key profiles and force deflection curves.
  7. Large Thumbwheel Switch

    Large Thumbwheel Switch
    Ideal for demanding industrial controls. Where operator wears gloves. RoHS
  8. Membrane Switched Keypads

    Membrane Switched Keypads

    EECO Switch are able to produce bespoke membrane switched keypads.

    Ultimate reliability for many operating environments. High quality with many options. RoHS.

  9. MilSpec Thumbwheel Switch

    MilSpec Thumbwheel Switch
    Heavy duty construction to meet demanding military requirements. RoHS
  10. Rubber Keypads

    Rubber Keypads

    Rubber keypads availiable in conductive or non conductive configurations. Any shape or colour. With printed legends or plain. RoHS