EES Estimating and Engineering Services Ltd

At EES, we are an independent company with over 80 years of experience in providing multi-disciplined estimating for a number of sectors that include mechanical, public health and electrical in a professional and rapid manner.

We focus on creating strong client relationships that we found has been at the forefront of helping us to achieve accurate, affective estimates that is reflected within our portfolio giving testament to our solutions. The types of services we provide at EES include:

  • Mechanical and Electrical Estimating
  • Design and Build Projects
  • Ductwork and Insulation Estimating
  • Budget Estimates
  • Site Visits Surveys
  • Take Off Only
  • Value Engineering
  • Record Drawings

Mechanical and electrical Estimating

How our M&E Estimating works is by engaging with you to assess the type of work involved. This can be done via information from email, CD or simply by having a face to face discussion to understand your requirements. We formulate your information into a coherent evaluation, providing you with fees and return dates of work to be undertaken. Once this has been agreed, we work alongside you toward to ensure all information is reviewed for any discrepancies and that both quotation enquiries for suppliers and sub-contractor packages are sent to your desired contractors.

All information will be processed through our estimating software, applying discounts and any labour rates to provide you with an accurate estimate. If you are unsure or wish data to be available in different formats, we are happy to discuss with you any issues you may have on any process of our M&E Estimating.

Mechanical and electrical Estimating

Mechanical Estimator

Our mechanical estimators are highly experienced and have a proven track record of delivering detailed estimates under tight timescales. Our mechanical estimators use the latest estimating software to process information and will happily attend a mid-tender interview or complete a site survey as required.

Mechanical Estimator

Ductwork & Thermal Insulation Estimating

We work closely with our customers to ensure they are getting the right ductwork and thermal insulation estimating that suits their exact requirements and needs. Our Ductherm division purely focuses on offering a take-off only service for a range of elements similar to our mechanical division, ensuring accurate ductwork and thermal insulation estimating of both pipework runs and m2 of rectangular ducting for lagging.

All information we provide is presented in an Excel format and Service, DWG and Level identified. The types of elements we estimate for include:

  • Fix only items (Plant, attenuators, grilles etc)
  • Insulation for plant rooms – inc Metal cladding of fittings and valve / flange boxing
  • M2 of Circular and Rectangular ductwork
  • Manufactured Ductwork (DW144)
  • Spiral Ductwork (DW144)
  • External Insulation measure and allowance for any trace heating requirements
Ductwork & Thermal Insulation Estimating

Estimating Software Package

At EES Estimating and Engineering, we use the market leading estimating software package for both mechanical and electrical contractors. Amtech’s Enterprise 2012 is a high spec package that offers a dynamic choice of powerful tools used by the top 15 M&E contractors making it the most advanced industry software package available.

This estimating software package allows for exceptionally quick results that are both accurate, and in a universal format. Although, for clients that use the same system, they can import “EST” files directly into their software quickly and simply. For clients who do not have the same system or require a different format, we are able to provide a multitude of default or customised formats, including Excel files.

Estimating Software Package

Ductwork & Insulation Estimating

For the past 80 years, we have been providing a huge range of ductwork and insulation estimating services for mechanical, electrical and public health companies. We work closely with our clients to ensure we understand their exact needs and they receive bespoke estimates tailored to them.

We aim to provide professional and rapid ductwork and insulation estimating using our years of experienced to support all contracting sectors. Other areas we provide estimations include:

  • Design and Build projects
  • Site visits surveys
  • Mechanical and Electrical estimating
  • Record drawings
Ductwork & Insulation Estimating

Design and Build Projects

Based within Suffolk, our design and build projects come with over 80 years of experience, ensuring you get the right solution for you. We have a very extensive portfolio of testaments for numerous mechanical, public health and electrical companies providing them with accurate and timely estimates.

If you wish to discuss your design and build projects, or simply to know more about our services then please contact us.

Design and Build Projects

EES Estimating and Engineering Services Ltd Overview