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EJ Electronics Ltd are a UK based manufacturer and supplier producing incredibly efficient and environmentally sound solutions for an amazing array of clients - that demand nothing but the best.


EJ Electronics has been in the ultrasonic cleaning business for over 20 years, and with the acquisition of Langford Electronics, we have over 40 years of experience in ultrasonic cleaning.

Originally based in the Midlands next to the Jewellery Quarter, we have looked after and maintained ultrasonic cleaners for the countries leading jewellery retailers, as well as providing ultrasonic cleaning tank systems within the manufacturing industry across the whole of the UK.


2014 saw the acquisition of Langford Electronics; a pioneer in ultrasonic cleaning with a long history of producing quality and reliable off-the-shelf ultrasonic cleaning units, suitable for most applications, and sold across the globe. This saw us expand and grow with a new site in Bromsgrove and a new team in place.

We now sell British-made units across Europe and the world with Germany amongst our biggest customers.

Our expansion allows us to now offer a complete Ultrasonic Solution Consultancy ensuring you get the right machine and the right process for your precision cleaning needs.


We offer effective, efficient, and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions to improve the speed of your cleaning processes and reduce your overall costs. So if you are looking for a way to precision clean your components effectively, without using harmful chemicals or solvents, EJ can help you.

In order to maintain our position at the forefront of ultrasonic cleaning technology, EJ is investing in technological development and an expanding range of products that will ensure our ultrasonic cleaning systems are fit for use with any type of application. We endeavour to continually work with our customers to create systems for new applications.

EJ Electronics are one of the biggest service centres for ultrasonic cleaners and provide an excellent and trustworthy service, repair and maintenance service, with ultrasonic cleaning units available to hire to limit downtime on your processes.

Whether you are precision cleaning a carburettor caked with oil, a delicate lens, or the most precious diamonds, EJ Electronics can offer you a range of solutions, tailored to your specific requirements.


Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

EJ Industrial tanks are the perfect Ultrasonic cleaning machine for Industrial settings.

Suitable for factories, workshops and garages the machines are strong, robust and reliable and made from Fabricated 316L Stainless Steel which gives a longer lasting tank even when using chemicals.

Offering digitally controls for more efficient and accurate cleaning the units also offer a memory retention heat and time settings for easy usage by the operator.

All units come with a degassing mode to allow your ultrasonic to work quickly and more effectively reducing your setup time.

Unique Advanced ultrasonic technology is used to constantly monitor power output and ensure levels are not exceeded for the particular tank despite fluctuations in fluctuating power, water level or tank loading. This technology prolongs the life of the cleaning tank and electronics. EJ Electronics supplies quality and reliable Industrial Ultrasonic cleaners manufactured in the UK.

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic Cleaning Repairs

Ultrasonic cleaners are very specialist fined tuned pieces of equipment. They require expert care and maintenance.

We can service, repair and maintain most ultrasonic cleaning units.

We will assess the unit and send you a report within 3 working days. Repairs are normally turned around 7 working days.

Maintenance packages are available to extend the life of your ultrasonic cleaner and reduce any downtime.

Special packages are available for medical and dental industry to enable you to meet compliance regulations

Contact us now so we can look after your Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic Cleaning Repairs

Ultrasonic Cleaning

EJ ULTRASONIC standard bench top units are supplied "off the shelf". These standard units require no complex installation and are economically priced.

Lids and baskets are available as optional extras.


  • Microprocessor controlled accurate timing and heating
  • Memory retention of heating and timing setting
  • Microprocessor controlled thermostatic protection against overheating (dryrunning)
  • Digital displayed heating and timing functions
  • Constant power control regardless of fluid level, tank loading or mains fluctuation
Ultrasonic Cleaning

Digital Display Panel

EJ Ultrasonic precision cleaning systems are manufactured for a wide range of ultrasonic cleaning processes, which often require a more accurate control of time and temperature.

EJ Ultrasonic units are fitted with a microprocessor digital control panel as standard which has two separate LED displays. One display indicates time set/ time remaining from the start. The other display indicates the temperature set/ actual temperature from 20 - 70 degrees Celsius.

Digital Display Panel

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