EJ Watts Pipeworks Ltd


We specialise in metal pressing assemblies. Our main capabilities are press work, tube forming and welded assemblies, often comprising all three processes into assemblies.

Our metal pressing assemblies are applied to produce a large and varied array of components such as LCD TV stands, tubular car seat frames, scaffold brackets, cable management systems, shop fittings, point of sale stands, office furniture, and car and telecommunication components.

Tube Manipulation

We utilise a variety of tube manipulation techniques depending on your particular requirements. Mandrel and press bending are our preferred methods and these can be utilised to form square, round, oval and rectangular tube given the correct tooling. Our range is up to 60mm round.

We also have a number of specialised tube manipulation machines for swaging the tube up or down in size, plus rolling, beading, notching and slicing machines. Tube can also be worked in press tools and welded to make assemblies, in any type of material. We also saw, flowdrill, tap, drill and de-burr tube to complement the main process.

Component Welding

We have a team of expert and highly skilled welders who are capable of carrying out all types of component welding. To complement our skilled personnel, we also have a robotic welding unit. This robot welder has a 1.8 metre reach and is mounted onto a 6.0 metre track so that it can travel between two welding cells, thus greatly speeding up welding times and reducing costs.

Our component welding capabilities ranges from small intricate components to large complex frames. As well as MiG welding we carry out TiG, Arc and gas welding, plus projection and spot welding. We are able to weld mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other alloys.

Sheet Metal Facility

For when press tools are not suited to some parts or if volumes are small, we use our sheet metal facilities to fill this gap.

To do this, we use brake presses for bending, forming and piercing metals, often in lengths up to four meters. Also we have nibbling machines, piercing centres, cropping and hydraulic presses in our sheet metal facilities. We use soft tooling for making moulds and jigs that do not need to produce high volumes.

We have a skilled group of sheet metal workers who have the ability to make almost anything by either using machines or if required by hand, as some parts are very complex and need a more hands on touch.

Production Manufacturing Engineers

We are expert production manufacturing engineers and our unrivaled quality allows us to supply high grade parts to all industries. As expert production manufacturing engineers, we utilise two modern computerised measuring machines (CMM), linked directly into the CAD system.

We have all of the necessary resources to produce high quality parts, either on a small or large volume scale.

Press Work

Our press work capabilities and related manufacturing techniques are extensive. They also cover pressing, stampings, forming and drawing. As well as press work, we also cover tube manipulation, bending and forming.

We also have expertise with welding and fabrication and work with a number of materials including mild steel, aluminium, brass and copper.

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