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Here at Elaflex, we specialise in the supply of ZVA nozzles, nozzle spare parts and accessories, rubber flexible hoses and couplings. Our hoses and couplings are suitable for use in the petroleum, LPG and petro-chemical industries. We have ISO: 9001 accreditation and technical resources to ensure that solutions provided to these complex industries are always "state-of-the-art."

Fuel Nozzles

We are well known for our ZVA slimline automatic fuel nozzles and hoses. Our fuel nozzles and hoses are suitable for use on petrol station forecourts, for vapour recovery, and non-recovery applications. We provide an impressive assortment of spare parts and accessories suitable for AdBlue, diesel, unleaded petrol and biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel. 

Rubber Flexible Hose

We supply a fantastic variety of rubber flexible hose suitable for a multitude of applications. Our rubber flexible hose includes Elaflex aircraft refuelling hoses, Bitumen, LPG hoses, and plasticiser dispenser hoses for Autogas. Our rubber flexible hose is colour coded and manufactured from technically advanced smooth true-bore rubber with anti-static properties.

Tank and Pipe Couplings

We stock specialist TW tank and pipe couplings designed to allow rapid connect or disconnect. Our unmatched tank and pipe couplings only require a quarter turn ensure a safe vibration-resistant connection.

Dry Disconnect Couplings

We supply dry disconnect couplings with full flow ball valves to provide a drip-free and environmentally friendly operation.  Our robust dry disconnect couplings are used worldwide in factories, on plant and machinery, tank trucks, ships, locomotives, in the offshore, chemical industries by major oil companies, and on MOD vehicles.

Rubber Expansion Joints

Our innovative rubber expansion joints are used as flexible connectors within pipe systems. We supply single sphere-type rubber expansion joints with swivelling metal flanges.

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