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From its foundation in 1966, the company has continuously invested in equipment and skilled personnel and we are able to provide the highest standards of polymer science and manufacturing technology to meet the most exacting requirements of our customers.

Our range of press moulding equipment includes microprocessor controlled injection and compression machines built to our own specification. The comprehensive raw material preparation facility includes mills, extruders and precision pre-forming equipment.
  Rubber-to-metal bonding has always been an important aspect of our operation. The specialist metal treatment department comprises a vapour degreasing plant, media blasting and bonding agent application facility. The Trimming and Inspection department ensures that every product despatched is Quality Assured to customer specification.
  The Laboratory has developed our range of rubber compounds to include ISO, DTD and ASTM standards and we pride ourselves in being able to formulate bespoke compounds having properties suited to a customer’s particular requirements. Over half of our multi-skilled staff has had more than 10 years of service. We operate a double shift system, giving us the flexibility to respond quickly and efficiently to our customer needs.
  Such resources enable us to maintain our position at the forefront of the UK rubber moulding industry.


The properties of Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber (HNBR) depend upon the acrylonitrile content and the degree of hydrogenation of the butadiene copolymer. They have rather better oil and chemical resistance than Nitrile Rubber and can withstand much higher temperatures.

HNBR has excellent resistance to sour oil and gas, steam, hot water and ozone. Physical properties (e.g. tensile and tear strength, elongation, abrasion resistance, compression set, etc.) are also excellent and compounds exhibit good dynamic behaviour at elevated temperatures. Like EPDM, HNBR can either be cured with sulphur or peroxide, depending upon which properties are the most important. Components in HNBR offer an excellent range of performance at a cost between Nitrile rubber and Fluoroelastomers.

Limitations include poor electrical properties, poor flame resistance and attack by aromatic oils and polar organic solvents. Typical applications include accumulator bladders, diaphragms, gaskets and seals, especially for the oil and gas industries.


Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM) rubbers fill an important niche for applications involving aggressive chemicals at temperatures up to 300°C.

They are extremely expensive and have poor physical properties and limited use at low temperatures.

Typical applications include accumulator bladders, core sleeves, gaskets, O-rings and seals working in extremely harsh environments, particularly within the oil and gas industries.

Rubber Injection Moulding

We have several high shot volume, computer controlled vertical injection moulding machines. We designed these to take large moulds beyond the scope of conventional injection moulding machines. With their high injection pressures, they have the unique ability to produce very long mouldings and bulky items that it would be impracticable to manufacture in any other way.

Injection tooling is usually regarded as very expensive. However, our long experience with this type of equipment has shown that our moulds are only slightly more expensive than the equivalent compression versions and certainly cheaper than a comparable transfer mould. The only extra features required are sprue bushes, special runners and press platen attachments.

Faster cycle times are possible with the injection moulding leading to lower unit prices. The process is also ideal for bonding as the metal parts are positively clamped within a closed mould.

Rubber Injection Moulding

Rubber to Metal Bonding

Since Elastomer Engineering began we’ve specialised in bonding rubbers to a wide variety of metals to offer our customers a complete service. Our comprehensive in-house facilities include vapour degreasing, shot blasting, preheating/drying and painting. Some of the metals that we’ve bonded to in the past include;

  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Cast Iron
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Silver
  • Steels (including Stainless)
  • Titanium
  • Tungsten
  • Zinc
Customers may free issue their own metals for us to bond to or we’ll source them ourselves through our comprehensive supplier database. Rest assured, that here at Elastomer Engineering, we have the experience and the technical expertise to offer an extensive bonding service to a wide range of industries.
Rubber to Metal Bonding

Fluoroelastomer Rubber

Fluoroelastomers or Fluorocarbons, widely known as Viton®, are among the most suitable rubbers for continuous use at temperatures of 200°C and up to 300°C for short periods. Various grades are available depending upon whether compression set, flexibility (as in diaphragms) or chemical resistance is the prime concern. Fluoroelastomers have excellent resistance to ozone and weathering, oils and most chemicals.

They are, however, very expensive, unsuitable for use with phosphate esters and ketones and have poor low temperature capabilities.

Typical applications include: accumulator bladders, diaphragms, gaskets, O-rings and seals operating in especially harsh environments.

Viton® is a registered trade mark of DuPont Performance Elastomers

Fluoroelastomer Rubber


Silicone Rubbers are ideal for high and low temperature applications. Electrical properties are excellent and resistance to weathering and ozone attack is outstanding.

It is not resistant to super-heated steam. Physical properties are generally low but are at least retained at higher temperatures. Gas permeability is very poor as is resistance to petroleum based fluids. Silicone rubbers are expensive in comparison to most other rubbers.

Food Quality/FDA compliant grades are available for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Room Temperature Vulcanisation (RTV) grades are also available, usually for prototypes or small batch quantities


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