Elcomponent Ltd

Site Services

* Energy Surveys
* Voltage Stability Monitoring
* Meter Testing
* Power Quality Surveys
* Power Factor Correction Surveys

We have over fifteen years experience in carrying out electrical energy and power quality surveys, and offer a range of site services for those occasions where outsourcing the job is more appropriate.

We work to a fixed price, so you get the information you need on time and within budget. Data is presented as high quality full colour graphics, plus a detailed overview report of the results obtained. All our site survey work is carried out by our own engineers, using our own instruments, backed by traceable calibration certificates where applicable.

Voltage Stability Monitoring
Sags, surges, brownouts, transients and microinterruptions can all wreak havoc with sensitive electronic equipment. If they are causing problems on your supply, we¿ll identify them.

Energy Surveys
Electrical Energy Surveys, from simple kW profiling to detailed assessment of individual loads of all types.

Meter Testing
On site verification of kWh meter performance accuracy using calibrated test equipment. Identify inaccurate, non-functioning or incorrectly connected/ programmed meters.

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