Electric Bray Ltd


South East specialist UK distributor, stockist and agent for:

Klockner Moeller
F&G Switchgear
Hugo Muller time clocks
Hiquel timers
Entrelec terminals
LED Panel Indicators
Salzer switches

ETA Enclosures 

DFE enclosures

Finder relays

Relpol relays

Ferraz fuses and Gould Merson fuse holders

Ensto insulated enclosures

We also supply all ancillary products needed to build and install a control panel, eg:

Tri-rated cable
Cable panel trunking

Partex Markers
MCBs, isolators, control switches etc
Switch Manufacturing Service

Electric Bray supplies electrical installation control gear and electrical components

Electric Bray is an electrical wholesale supplier whose contract expertise and experience is often engaged when Moeller ,ETA enclosures and sourcing for specialist equipment has been needed. 

Our stock supply and knowledge ensures your supply can be met with confidence and the right products are selected

Hiquel timers and control relays

Hiquel timers and controls relays ,level controllers,undervoltage relays

Eta enclosures,floor standing and wall mounted

Eta enclosures ,we offer floor standing steel and wall mounted enclosures from stock and ventilation units and fan grills In addition a range of stainless steel boxes

Finder relays and controls

Finder relays and controls,plug in relays and bases

DFE transformers

DFE transformers are a quality transformer we stock up to 500va in mult voltage options 

Salzer switches and isolators

Salzer switches include motor isolators.load break switches,step switches,changeover units,enclosed or ope type with various mounting forms either panel surface or door interlocked in a wide range of voltages and current ratings


Eaton moeller range of MCB's in single pole ,doulble pole, three pole and four pole also single pole and neutral, in type B,C and D formats 

Klockner moeller Eaton control equipment

Eaton moeller range of MCB,MCCB ,contactors ,relays,pilot lights ,push buttons,limit switches,safety switches,sensors,soft starters,inverters,motor starters,light towers,overload relays

Clynder tri rated panel wire and cables

Clynder cables British manufacturer of tri rated cables in BS colours ensures uniformity of colour coding

Partex markers and marking systems

Partex cable marking systems,cable ties,cable bases,crimping tools and crimps

SES Sterling cable panel trunking

SES Sterling ,we supply a broad range of panel trunking,spiral wrap and flexible cable sleeving


Klockner Moeller NZM9-250/ZM9-250 MCCB IN STOCK RARE ITEM


Meanwell power supplies a quality product now in stock,vast range of units

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