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Welcome to Electric Center, the electrical wholesalers where we dedicate ourselves to giving you the best customer service possible.

Electric Center has 117 branches covering the UK and we are rapidly becoming the leading electrical wholesaler. We can offer you electrical products and a tailored solution for your requirements. We deal with electrical contractors, public sector and industrial maintenance staff and we promise you that we will deliver the best service in town. Our promise includes delivery, understanding your needs and making your life easier.

Our branch managers have a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure that we can deliver on our promises - pop into a local branch and find out why we are one of the leading electrical suppliers in the UK.


Our branches stock all the major brands plus we have our own label range called Acel. Acel is designed specifically for our customers to make their lives easier. Acel products are reliable and good quality with all the right features. Acel products are also great value for money, readily available from all of our electrical wholesaler branches and easy to fit.

The Acel range covers over 5,000 products and they are sourced in partnership with leading suppliers. If you are looking for the best combination of quality and cost then choose Acel from Electric Center. Pick up a copy of our 400+ page Acel Trade Catalogue in-branch today.



Here at Electric Center we have five services that we feel are the core to our business.

The five key services are:

  • Stock - we have a comprehensive range in stock from major brands and our own Acel range. We will also order and fulfil any unusual lines and requests quickly and efficiently.
  • Local - we have nationwide coverage in local branches and a locally tailored product range that will reflect local business needs.
  • Service - we have trade counter sales, product displays, reliable delivery, a call and collect service, special offers, promotions, incentives to name a few of our services.
  • People - we have professional, positive, friendly staff that will help and advise you with technical support and they all have a 'can do' attitude.
  • Systems - we have easy to use systems, individual terms and conditions, consolidated invoices, kit building, priced advice notes and web services including our 'flipbook' catalogue.


Electric Center can source a range of products from over 250,000+ . We have an extensive range of electrical products on the shelf from major brands and specialist franchised lines. We also have our own label Acel range which provides you with quality products at a fantastic price.

We predominantly supply electrical contractors and installers and we have an ever expanding range of electrical equipment sourced from the UK, Europe and across the world.  All products meet UK standards so that you can 'fit and forget'. 

Electric Center is absolutely committed to working with quality preferred suppliers that you can trust.


Our Promise

We know we can only achieve success by being the first choice for our customers and by gaining your complete trust in us giving you the best, personal service in your particular town.

That’s why we make three simple but powerful promises at Electric Center, our promise is:

  • We are committed to understanding your business and becoming a trusted part of your team
  • We make your life simple when trading with us
  • We deliver on our promises

It sounds easy but we know that most wholesalers fail to achieve these basic tasks time and again. We know we won’t be perfect every time but we are committed to getting better and better and to offering you the most complete service from any electrical distributor.

Please come and visit us and try out our promise to you.

Our Promise

Electric Center Branches

Electric Center branches stock an ever expanding range of electrical equipment and accessories. Electric Center branches provide electrical installation products mostly to electrical installers and electrical contractors. We will provide you with all the product solutions that you require.

Electric Center has 117 local branches which hold specialist lines and stock that will meet specific needs that the customer will have, including services such as consignment stock and managed stock profiles in customers premises.

Electric Center Branches

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