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Electric Center has 120 branches covering the UK and we are rapidly becoming the leading electrical wholesaler. We can offer you electrical products and a tailored solution for your requirements. We deal with electrical contractors, public sector and industrial maintenance staff and we promise you that we will deliver the best service in town. Our promise includes delivery, understanding your needs and making your life easier.

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  1. 2D Lamps

    2D Lamps

    2D Lamps are also called Double D lamps because they look like two “D”s facing away from each other. You can get them as fluorescent variations or LED variations. They are long lasting and energy efficient. They also have an impressive luminosity.

    The Electric Center has both fluorescent and LED 2D Lamps. They come in various sizes and capacities. You can select which is best for you according to the application. Call us now and get more information on the 2D Lamps that we have.

  2. Arctic Cable

    Arctic Cable

    Arctic Cable is a cable that is designed and insulated to withstand extreme temperatures. It can be used in low temperature installations, which would normally destroy the sheath and insulation of standard cables. The wiring is individually coated, and then the whole assembly is put in a thick sheath to protect the wiring from low temperatures.

    Electric Center stocks a wide range of Arctic Cable. The cable configurations also differ depending on the application. Call us now for more information on Arctic Cables.

  3. Armoured Cable

    Armoured Cable

    Armoured Cable is mainly used in the provision of electricity to the mains of a home. The applications are normally for underground supply of electricity. The armouring consists of a steel mesh just below the outer coating of the cable. The cable has a conductor, Insulation, Bedding, the Steel Armour and then the outer sheath.

    Electric Center has various types of Armoured Cable. You can decide on the specifications based on the application you need the cable for. Contact us to learn more about the Steel Armoured Cable types that we have in stock.

  4. Bosch Power Tools

    Bosch Power Tools

    Electric Center is an electrical wholesaler with 120 branches nationwide. Our extensive product range includes Bosch power tools.

  5. Cable


    Electric Center will give you the cable that you need for any application you have and you can be sure that all our cable meets the appropriate safety standards. Contact us now and get to know more about our electric cable solutions.

  6. Cable Management

    Cable Management

    Cable Management is the term given to the management of cables in an installation or cabinet. This is necessary for planning and good product workmanship. Cable Management ensures that each cable can be easily identified should the need arise.

    Electric Center has a superb range of Cable Management products. Call us now for more information.

  7. CCTV Security

    CCTV Security

    CCTV Security is crucial in keeping a record of anything that happens in public places and also privately guarded areas. It helps in the apprehension of wrong doers after an incident has occurred. These cameras are also deterrents to criminals, who do not want to be captured doing something against the law.

    Electric Center has various CCTV Security cameras and systems. They can be installed anywhere you need them. Contact us now and learn more about our CCTV Security systems.

  8. Circuit Protection

    Circuit Protection

    Circuit Protection is an intentional weakening of a circuit so that it protects people and equipment from electrical surges. Circuit protection devices are essential to save lives in the case of electrocution. The devices used in Circuit Protection are called fuses or circuit breakers (typically MCB/MCCB/RCD/RCBO/RCCB). You will find them in many electrical devices and in electrical installations in buildings and homes.

    Electric Center has Circuit Protection products and systems for commercial and residential application. Call us for more information on our Circuit Protection services.

  9. Compact Fluorescent Lamps

    Compact Fluorescent Lamps

    Compact Fluorescent Lamps are commonly referred to as energy saving bulbs. These are for use in light fixtures to replace incandescent bulbs. These lamps are energy efficient and bring about considerable savings in energy bills. They have a great soft illumination which is still bright at the same time.

    Electric Center has a wide range of Compact Fluorescent Lamps brands in stock. They also come in various wattages. If you would like to save up to five times on your electric bills, you should visit us now and get your incandescent bulbs replaced by Compact Fluorescent Lamps.

  10. Conduit


    The tube that is used to pass electrical wiring through a building is known as an electrical conduit. It can be made from plastic or metal. Most of them are designed to be rigid but flexible so they can be bent to go round corners. 

    Call us now and get to know more about our electrical conduit products.