Electric Winch Shop


Electric Winch Shop is the leading distributor of Winches and Hoists in the United Kingdom. We have several years experience in the industry and have a comprehensive stock of anything that you need. Any type of garage equipment is available in our stock.  We deliver all orders within 24 hours.


Consider our comprehensive stock of winches from the best manufacturers in the world. All our winches are high quality accredited pieces of machinery that will get the job done safely. You can lift anything using the winches; all you have to do is decide which the best for your garage is. We have the Warrior Ninja Range, Superwinch and Warn Winches. You can get electric winches of various voltage capacities or hydraulic winches. We have every winch type that is available on the market. Come to our store and get the winch you want without any challenge; we will be on hand to serve you well.


When it comes to hoists we have a wide range available for you. Get scaffold Hoists Gantry hoists Chain hoists or Warn hoists from our wide range of styles. You can also get electric or hydraulic hoists. There is also a wide range of hoist accessories that will make you work more effective. You can choose from the wide range of hoists and have them delivered to your garage or workshop on the very next day. As the leading supplier of hoists in the UK< we stand by our guarantee to ensure that you do not have any long downtime in your workshop

Winch Mounts

It is very important that your winches have solid and reliable mounts so you do not get any accidents with winches toppling over when they have something heavy on them. This is why we only stock the best winch mounts available in the industry.  If you want a winch for your vehicle we offer winch bumpers for Land Rover, Ford, Toyota and Jeep; ensure that your vehicle has the best winch bumper especially when you are in rough terrain. Come get the best winch mount plates and vehicle winches from Electric Winch Shop. Once again we will deliver on the next day so you are not inconvenienced.

Hi-Lift Jacks

Whenever you are on the road, you can have a flat tire at any time and when driving an SUV or Four Wheel Drive you need a Hi-Lift that will not let you down. These vehicles are very heavy and the lift that you get should be easy to operate and effective. We have the best range of Hi-Lift jacks; selected from the best manufacturers in the world. All our jacks are certified and will give you years of service. Never go out again for a trip without a reliable Hi-Lift jack. Order from our stock and get you hi-lift jack the very next day.

Garage Equipment

Here at the Electric Winch Shop you get access to the best garage tools. We mainly have tools from Warrior but we have many others in stock too. Choose from our line of generators and you never have to worry about power outages any more. You also get plaster and paint mixers that will ensure that all you plaster and paint are mixed to the right consistency and colour. We also have several Scissor Tables that you can select from. We also have auto lifts that ensure you work under a vehicle in safety. We will deliver your order in a single day.

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