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Electrica Ltd

Electronic Design

Electrica is a design and manufacturing company offering a design, development service & experience to companies that require electronic expertise to enhance their profile or improve their product range.

Ground Handling

Electrica design and manufacture the electronic circuits for ground handling equipment for rotary-wing aircraft such as small private helicopters and air ambulances.

On our main site is a video of one of our HeliLifts in action at a recent Air Display

Fume Cupboard

Electrica design and manufacture a range of electronic circuits for the safe and proper operation of fume cupboards and microbiological safety cabinets.

Our sash controls are fitted with a wide range of features such as personnel sensors - to detect when someone is stood in front of the unit sash obstruction sensors - to detect obstructions and act safely upon them and light curtain sash sensors.

We also design and product digital control systems for Biotech isolator systems which now include fully integrated VHP (Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide) fumigation control used in research by organisations such as Cancer Research UK.

Computerised CBRN

Electrica are proud to design and manufacture the control circuitry for state-of-the-art computerised CBRN (Chemical Biological Radiation and Nuclear) filters which protect crews of military vehicles in hostile situations all round the world.

As you would expect military-grade electronics are built to high quality and reliability something at which we excel.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Electrica are proud to be producers of electronic circuits for the automotive industry for example a range of onboard power run lock engine rev controls and diagnostic and data logging products used across the automotive industry in vehicles such as Mercedes and Jaguar Land Rover.

The onboard data loggers are fitted to each test vehicle and collect data from a wide variety of transducers fitted to the engine suspension gearbox steering and braking systems.These vehicles are in many different locations all around the world undergoing trials for the engineering teams involved in their design and development.

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