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For many years, we have been specialists in class 1, 2 and RFI EMC suppression devices, providing a complete solution from the initial design to product completion, for both industrial and domestic markets. With our long lasting relationships with the leading Test Houses, we are able to design and manufacture bespoke suppression devices to the highest standards, in both low and high volumes.

With our unique approach to developing our RFI/EMC suppression devices, allows us to offer cost saving solutions without compromising on the quality. Through ease of application and fitment, makes our devices a popular choice.

RFI Encapsulation

We use a wide range of polyurethane and epoxy resins to cater for all your RFI encapsulation needs, manufactured using our exceptional in-house facilities. At Electrical Development UK, we produce low viscosity clear systems for delicate components to general purpose electrical encapsulation devices, with a high temperature resistance and waterproofing.

For more information on any of our RFI encapsulation devices please contact us.

Wire Cutting and Termination

Renowned for our vast choice of high quality products and services, including our in-house wire cutting and termination solutions. We are able to accommodate for both low and high volume runs, using our automated machines and presses for cutting, stripping and termination across a wide selection of wires. If you require any more specific information on any of our wire cutting and termination services, please contact us.

Cable Harness Wiring Looms

With our specialist knowledge spanning into multiple sectors, we are able to offer a broad range of solutions such as our cable harness wiring looms. Included within our cable assemblies, we offer complex multiple wire formed cables to simple single wire earth strips and ribbon cables, ensuring we meet your exact specifications. For more information please contact us.

Printed Circuit Boards

Designed and built through strict, methodical manufacturing processes, our printed circuit boards are constructed to the highest quality by our skilled workforce. We are able to design and built high volume box builds to one off prototypes to meet your exact requirements. At Electrical Development UK, we are continuously developing our processes to provide our customers with the highest quality solutions. For more information or if you require specific requirements please contact us.

Capacitor Distribution

We are able to supply a vast array of capacitor distribution systems, due to our links with the world's leading manufacturers in capacitors. Included within our X type safety capacitors, we offer the X1, X2, X3 and XY dual safety capacitors, all meeting international safety standards. Our capacitors range from 0.0047uF to 10uF capacitance, 250VAC to 300VAC and a temperature of +100°C to -40°C.

AC Speed Controls

At Electrical Development UK, we have a wide range of AC speed controls that can be customised to suit a number of motor applications. Renowned for our high level of quality products, services and manufacturing across multiple sectors, our solutions are widely used by various customers in both the commercial and domestic industries. For more information on our AC speed controls or on any of our other products please contact us.

RFI EMC Rapid Turn Around

For many of our products, we offer a RFI EMC rapid turnaround service for both high and low volume runs. This service also includes design and product prototyping, we work closely with you to ensure tight deadlines are met. This service is available for a number of our products and services, although if you require further information please contact us.

Bespoke RFI EMC

At Electrical Development UK, we are the UK's leading specialists in bespoke RFI EMC solutions. Based in the North of England, our skilled team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in multiple sectors, ensuring we are able to meet our customer's exact specifications. Some of the in-house services we provide include:

  • Wire cutting and termination
  • Spark quenchers
  • Motor speed controls
  • RC/Snubber networks
  • Cable harnesses and wiring looms

PCB Design Manufacturer

We are a PCB design manufacturer, done in-house by our highly skilled and experience team. Our products are used by customers throughout the commercial and domestic appliance industries, both internationally and the UK. Other services we offer in-house include:

  • Motor speed controls
  • Spark quenchers
  • Cable harnesses and wiring looms
  • Wire cutting and termination

RC Snubber Networks

RC Snubber networks are one of the many in-house services we provide at Electrical Development UK. We are the UK's leading RFI/EMC specialists, based in the North of England, providing our products to a number of domestic and commercial appliance industries. Our products, services and manufacturing are renowned for high levels of quality both in the UK and internationally.

Spark Quenchers

We have an exceptional reputation for our knowledge and skill in multiple sectors such as spark quenchers, producing high quality solutions for both domestic and commercial appliances. Being one of the UK's leading RFI/EMC specialists, we are able to provide our customers with a magnitude of bespoke solutions that meet their exact requirements. Other in-house services we provide include:

  • Motor speed controls
  • RC/Snubber networks
  • PCB design and manufacture
  • Wire cutting and termination
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