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At Electrolab you'll find the right partner for fermentation equipment you can trust with your new project.  As one of the leading bioreactor manufacturers, we’ll continue to support you and provide the best possible service during the life of each fermenter.

Lab Scale Bioreactor


Electrolab’s Lab Scale Bioreactor equipment is world renowned for being of superior quality and delivering improved process efficiency. 

The Lab Scale Bioreactors are suitable for use in Pharmaceutical, Biotech and other related high purity industries. The lab Scale Bioreactors are reliable and effective due to the high professionalism applied thorough the design, manufacture and the after sales processes. 

Whether you’re sourcing a simple bioreactor system or multiple Lab Scale systems for your research project, you'll be assisted in finding the right solution by the knowledgeable team at Electrolab.

Bench-top bioreactor system

A versatile fermenter designed with the modern laboratory in mind- An autoclavable, bench-top bioreactor system

  • Available in both microbial and cell culture versions
  • Autoclavable and bench-top
  • Powerful, intuitive measurement & control system
  • Wide range of fully autoclavable vessels with unique, easily replaceable drive shaft system
  • Robust, stainless steel framework designed for easy cleaning and improved vessel handling
  • Controller pre-configured for system expansion
  • 4 pumps fitted as standard (additional 2 pump module available)
Bench-top bioreactor system

Modular bioreactor control system

The FerMac 320 bioreactor fermenter is a new medium-priced system which combines a specially designed range of vessels with a variation of our established 360 controller to give a truly outstanding value-for-money package with proven realiability.

Key Features for the FerMac 320 Bioreactor Fermenter

  • Available in both microbial and cell culture versions
  • Bench-top bioreactor control system
  • Outstanding value-for-money package
  • Vessel mounted motor with unique locking system
  • Intuitive measurement & control system with built-in motor drive
  • Fully autoclavable vessels with removable baffles and cooling coil
Modular bioreactor control system

Modular bench-top bioreactor system

The FerMac 200 series offers a real alternative to our competitors with a truly modular system approach. Each module, although totally independent, can stack together to create an extremely neat, combined unit with inter-linking power cables.

The controllers are easy to understand and simple to use - ideal for projects where equipment familiarisation time may be limited - and because the modules are totally independent, they can also easily be used to upgrade older equipment.

The FerMac 200 has one of the lowest purchase and maintenance costs in the industry allowing you to get the most from a limited budget.

Modular bench-top bioreactor system

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