Electronic Cigarette Suppliers Ltd


The electronic cigarette is the latest and best way to achieve any of the above goals.  By using a rechargeable battery an atomiser to atomiser the air and a replaceable cartridge filled with a quantity of nicotine the electronic cigarette is 95% like the real thing but without all the harmful chemicals that are found in a normal cigarette (including 40 cancer causing carcinogenic substances)

You smoke it like a normal cigarette and the nicotine in the cartridge gives your brain the signals it requires. The 'smoke' produced is atomised air and disperses into the air in seconds.

Because the electronic cigarette doesn't contain tobaccco, doesn't burn, doesnt contain tar and doesn't produce any harmful smoke it is legal to use in all public places, although management discretion can still be a factor.

We supply two types of cigarette, firstly the 306, it uses the latest technology, and is very popular because it looks like a real cigarette and gives a very pleasant smoking sensation.

The second one is the 302, we recommend this one for the hardened smoker, it is much larger and doesnt have the cosmetic look of the 306, but due to its larger battery and cartridge it gives you a much bigger 'hit'.

We are sure that once you try the electronic cigarette you will be amazed at how close it is to the real thing.

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