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About EMS
EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Solutions) offers a complete range of manufacturing solutions for the CEM (Contract Electronic Manufacturer) electronics marketplace.  EMS is focused on the provision of fast, cost effective solutions from prototypes through to production builds.  The solutions we offer include:

CEM Production Solutions
EMS offers a comprehensive range of production solutions;

  • Prototype Assembly
  • SMT (Surface Mount Technology) Assembly
  • PTH/Conventional Assembly
  • Wire Harness & Cabling Assembly
  • AOI Inspection & Test
  • Box Build/Turn-Key
  • Product Design

For further details please visit our website - Production Solutions.

Supply Chain Solutions

CEM Supply Chain Solutions
EMS provides a range of purchasing options from single component supply through to complete procurement for turn-key assembly;

  • PCB & Component Procurement
  • Offshore Production

For further details please visit our website - Supply Chain Solutions.

Supply Chain Solutions
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