Electronic Production Services


Here at Electronic Production Services, we perform a variety of wiring loom and assembly processes.

Our high quality wire looms use an assortment of cable types and insulation including:

  • Multi-cored screened cable
  • PVC Insulated from 10/0.1
  • Tri-rated to 84/0.3
  • Enamelled copper wire
  • Raychem spec 44
  • PTFE insulated
  • Belden cable
  • COAX cable
  • Ribbon cable
  • Kynar wire
  • Instrumentation and equipment wire
  • Data transmission cable
  • Audio and video cable
  • Power cable

Contract Electronic Manufacturers

We are specialist contract electronic manufacturers with over three decades of experience of assembling printed circuit boards, cable looms and wiring. As experienced contract electronic manufacturers, we provide volume production and an excellent prototype facility with comprehensive advice and support services.

Contract Electronic Manufacturers

PCB Assembly and Surface Mount

We provide affordable PCB assembly and surface mount assembly using the latest technology and skills. Our PCB assembly and surface mount assembly is suitable for multi-layer, single and double sided boards, in one-offs, volume and small production batches.

PCB Assembly and Surface Mount

Product Assembly

We provide diverse product assembly to meet our customers individual specifications. We use a flexible approach when it comes to product assembly, enabling us to provide some or all of the activities related to your products. Our product assembly is carried out by our highly skilled and experienced engineers, who also test products  to our customers specifications.  We work to IS9001 standard and are IPC certified. Our experience ranges from simple pcb assy to more complex production such as:

  • Earth grounding Systems
  • CCTV equipment
  • Broadcasting equipment
  • Instrumentation equipment for the oil industry
  • Camera and lighting production
  • Wind Anemometers
Product Assembly


We provide an assortment of specialist services to suit a variety of PCB and other production requirements. Our services range from simple PCB assembly to complete product wiring and assembly.

We provide services including:

  • Prototype facility
  • Volume production
  • Production capacity
  • Customer services
  • Procurement
  • Test
  • Despatch facilities

Prototype Facility

Our prototype facility is provided by our experienced engineers, specialising in PCB assembly and wiring. As part of out prototype facility, we work with you from the design stage through to production to create high quality and cost-effective solutions.

Prototype Facility

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