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We specialise in providing apprenticeships into the electronics and hi-tech manufacturing industies in the UK.  Whether you start at Level 2 or Level 3, we can provide a flexible programme that best suits your needs.

We are particularly concerned in the delivery of training programs for Apprentices for within our industry. Our delivery of such programmes are centred around the EAL suite of accredited courses, and we can deliver courses to you wherever you are. please look to us to advise on funding to support your ambitions

Follow this link to our apprenticeships page  http://etservices.co.uk/apprenticeships.html

IPC Electronics

Electronic Technology Services supports the electronics and manufacturing sectors with help and guidance with people, plant and process. People form the backbone for the integrity of the work being produced. We thus embrace the full suite of courses accredited by the recognised International Standard. Most activities can be supported with training using IPC electronics. IPC electronics can also be used for other Government funded programmes, and some of the half day courses can be assembled to suit your specific needs in a block modular form. Please refer to our website.

IPC Electronics

IPC Training Courses

 Electronic Technology Services has an ethos to provide the best solution at a repeatable quality and at a  time that you choose.

Our IPC training courses follow this idea thoroughly. IPC training courses are monitored  and updated by a team of international practitioners who are drawn as industry experienced experts who are concerned with quality and integrity. So it is that you can be assured that courses are relevant, succinct and up to date with modern practice.

 IPC Training Courses

Non-IPC Training

IPC training is just one of many ways Electronic Technology Services supports electronic manufacture. In addition, we also support other training programs including examples such as:

  • Non-IPC Training: Bespoke to your company's needs, for example NVQ only courses. Once again please ask us to advise about funding support.

Non IPC training may include hand soldering skills training, surface mount technology, lead free soldering as well as ESD awareness. We also recognise training needs for purchasing and stores personnel, and specialise in helping to reduce the incidence of errors related to inappropriate stocking.

ETS is widely experienced in improving product flow and assisting the reduction of WIP through due diligence.

ETS understands that support is necessary to help training in schools for non scientific staff to deliver science, engineering and technology topics. We regularly organise and deliver Summer school activity to help youngsters choose whether or not a career in technology is for them.

Other services that are offered include:-

  • Design for manufacture
  • Hand soldering for leaded and unleaded work
  • Electro-static Discharge (ESD) training
  • PCB Test and Repair
  • New Markets Development
  • Team Leadership Training
  • Continuous Professional Development 
Non-IPC Training
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