Electus Recruitment Solutions Ltd

Electus Recruitment Solutions is a specialist Engineering recruitment solutions provider to advanced industries including Energy, Aviation, Defence, Aerospace, Nuclear, Scientific, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing. Electus Recruitment solutions can provide a range of recruitment agency services including Contract Recruitment, Permanent Recruitment, Managed Services and HR consultancy.

Placing the "right person" in the "right position" is no easy task. Electus Recruitment Solutions strives to fully assess the knowledge, skills and ability of each and every candidate. We also place an emphasis on achieving a good cultural match, as the "right skills" do not necessarily mean that the candidate or the client will meet each other's expectations. Electus Recruitment Solutions has invested in state-of-the-art technology and follows a strict assessment procedure to identify, quickly and objectively, the right people with the right skills for the right companies.

The Electus Recruitment Solutions team has a strong engineering and recruitment background and an excellent understanding of the Energy, Aviation, Defence, Aerospace, Nuclear, Scientific, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing markets. We believe that Electus Recruitment Solutions can bring a discerning approach to the resolution of both organisational recruitment requirements and individual career aspirations.
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