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Whether you are looking for 'more pzzazz in your porch', 'more splendour in your sitting room', 'more beauty in your bathroom', 'more colour in your conservatory', 'more brilliance in your boardroom', 'more finesse in your foyer', 'more refinement in your restaurant', 'more showtime in your shop window', 'more sophistication in your salon' or even 'more charisma in your cathedral or church', Elegance In Glass has the design and product solutions for you.

For over twenty years we have deservedly earned a reputation for quality and a creative approach to solving our client's needs within the decorative stained glass market, based on our ability to create beautiful and appropriate designs and to convert them into high quality durable products. 

Domestic Windows and Fanlights

We create designs in many forms of decorative glass and, whether they are located in windows, bays, toplights over doors, porches or conservatories, we have many standard designs for you to choose from or we can produce bespoke designs for feature windows to meet your own particular decorative requirements, including textured glass. Our experience covers traditional, from antique to Victorian, through art deco to modern and contemporary designs. Virtually any room in your house can benefit from our designer glass.

Not only do our solid single piece multi-layer laminations allow much more design flexibility than traditional stained glass but they also give greater strength and security. They can also be supplied as double glazed units which reduce fuel costs, create a more comfortable environment and reduce unwanted sound transmission.

We are able to show here just a selection of photos from our portfolio of custom work and a small sample from our standard design ranges and will be pleased to send you further information on request. We have standard designs for stained and coloured glass, bevelled glass, etched/sandblasted glass and fourteen standard patterns for leaded windows, including diamond and Georgian. 

Religious Glass Panels

 For many years we have been selected for and have successfully designed and produced beautiful decorative glass panels for many religious organisations. We are equally comfortable with both traditional and modern designs.

Our method of manufacture has many advantages over traditional stained glass. Not only do our solid single piece, multi-layer laminations give greater strength and security, whilst allowing more design flexibility, but now that energy conservation is of prime importance, our double glazed units can reduce fuel costs, at the same time creating a more comfortable environment, adding warmth and reducing unwanted sound transmission. 

Etched/Sandblasted Glass Panels

For many years, etched/sandblasted glass has been highly regarded as a decorative feature, on domestic and commercial premises, allowing fine detail to be permanently reproduced, recreating a personal design or company logo. As digital imaging is now used to produce the masks, almost any detail can be achieved.

Some examples are shown below, together with a few of the many standard designs we have in our range.

Commercial Glass Panels

The products we have designed and produced over the years in this category are as diverse as the companies and other organisations that have been our clients.

Whilst sometimes a standard design can be utilised, the majority of these solutions have to be bespoke in order to meet the requirement of incorporating company logos, signage and other corporate images.

These products can be anything from a single mirror with an etched logo to a complete coordinated suite of decorated glass panels and structures for a company foyer or boardroom.

For hotels, pubs, restaurants and similar establishments, they can be windows, partitions, ceilings or other forms of architectural art glass decoration. We can also install window films that will improve safety, provide privacy, reduce fading and glare, increase comfort and reduce energy costs. 

Processed and Bonded Glass

Processed glass is a term covering many aspects relating to the finishing of glass panels, whether this be forming a bevel edge or creating cut-outs or intricate shapes. This technology has moved forward dramatically in recent years and, coupled with improved techniques in lamination allowing glass to be supplied up to 52mm thick, means that structures such as staircases or well covers are no longer a problem. Float glass can also now be supplied with the iron content removed, leaving it crystal clear.

Glass bonding has also improved recently, with the development of bonding agents cured by UV. The bond, if applied correctly, remains optically clear, is extremely strong and has resulted in advances in display cases, furniture, and decorative artifacts. The process requires high quality glass and needs great care during construction.

We can produce a wide range of shaped two and three-dimensional products in glass, including trophies and trophy cabinets through to display shelves, showcases and gondolas for exhibition and retail purposes. 

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