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Founded in 1987, we are now one of the leading suppliers of clothing labels for the label market. We work closely with our customers and strive to develop clothing labels in order to meet the changing demands of trends and labelling concepts.

We are dedicated to quality and modernisation and invest in new technology and highly qualified staff in order to provide clients with the best possible service. We have become a one-stop-shop for clothing labels and many other requirements and can deliver to you whether you are a small manufacturer or a group serving large retail markets.

Woven Labels

Our woven labels department have quality taffeta and satin weaving looms linked to our own CAD systems giving us greater flexibility and control over our designs. It also means we can deliver with short production lead times and create woven labels in the highest quality to help boost your brand.

 We can design and create woven labels in any size, shape, colour, deboss, or finish and can die-cut shapes around the edges or inside the label perimeter. Woven labels are an ideal choice for promotion because they maintain their perfect appearance for as long as the garment is around.

Garment Labels

Our garment labels, including rubber and woven badges, can help give a product an exclusive image and are a brilliant way of making garments stand out. Garment labels can be embossed and provided in a diversity of textures and surfaces.

Our garment labels are guaranteed to be an excellent promotional and marketing tool for groups, associations and companies. Our garment labels and rubber badges are available in a diversity of shapes.

Rotary Printed Labels

Rotary printed labels is one of the longest established departments in our company. We have a variety of rotary printing presses available for design and production.

Rotary printed labels can be used to promote you brand or used to show washcare information on garments. Whatever you are using them for, these labels provide a cost-effective way to enhance your image.

Self Adhesive Promo Labels

We can produce a wide assortment of self adhesive promo labels available in various textiles and materials.

Our self adhesive promo labels have been used by a diversity of industries including:

  • Clothing
  • Cosmetics
  • Food and beverage
  • Promotional
  • Electrical

Swing Tickets

Swing tickets are one of the most essential items for your promotion because they are the first label to catch the eye and provide a critical link to your overall product image.

Swing tickets and design have almost endless possibilities because of today's innovative production techniques. Each original and unique swing ticket can be designed to your exact requirement and our highly experienced design team can produce a wealth of exciting tickets using plastics and printing methods.


Our printed barcodes and data labels are available for a variety of products and can incorporate numbers, sell-by dates and designed in a range of sizes.

Barcodes can be produced with all relevant symbologies on them. We can also make this type of variable information available on swing tickets and fabric printed labels.

Finishing for Labelling

Our finishing for labelling options includes a variety of specialist finishes available for roll and cut formed labels.

The types and shapes for finishing labelling designs comprise of:

  • Hot cut into single
  • Cut and end-folded
  • Cut and mitre-folded
  • Cut and looped
  • Manhattan fold

Heat Transfers

We manufacture a selection of heat transfers and supply our designs to high street stores around the world. Heat transfers provide top quality garment decoration options and are produced in full colour litho and single colour screen prints. Heat transfers can also incorporate glitter and glow in the dark designs and are applied directly to a garment by machine.

Diamantes and Rhinestone Transfers

We also design and provide diamantes and rhinestone transfers. You can choose from our range of stock items or create your own designs using our variety of diamantes and rhinestone transfers.

They provide an instant, sparkling decoration to clothing and fabric and are incredibly easy to use and transfer.


We also manufacture a range of lanyards for security and promotional purposes and for exhibitions and conferences.

Our lanyards can have bespoke designs to suit your individual requirements and incorporate logos, graphics and essential information in high quality colour print.

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