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Elites interlocking concrete blocks and "Lego" blocks are used throughout the UK in a wide variety of applications.

The blocks measure
1200mm L x 600mm W x 450mm H and weigh 750 kgs.

Capping pieces and half blocks are also in stock.

Our unique design allows the blocks to be dry laid onto firm surfaces to suit any bay dimensions needed. They can be moved or reconfigured as you want.

They can be used for

  • Salt bays
  • Silage Clamps
  • Material Segregation
  • Traffic calming

to name but a few.

They provide a simple robust and cost effective solution to traditional L or A thin walled panels.

V - Interlocking Concrete Blocks

The "V" interlocking concrete block is an incredibly versatile product primarily designed to provide radiation shielding but excels in the most demanding of applications as a push wall or material storage bay walls.

A unique 'V' system along the base, sides and top gives great strength and stability at heights of up to 5m the blocks interlock with each other.

V - Interlocking Concrete Blocks

Channels / Ducts / Troughs

To view our internal dimensions for Rectangular and Trapezoidal Ducts with information on width, height and length.

You can down load from our Technical Drawings section on our site our CAD drawings and weights of the channels. We also make to your specification for all bespoke sizes.

For more information on Channels / Ducts / Troughs

Channels / Ducts / Troughs

Cable Covers

All of our Concrete Cable Protection Covers Tiles are manufactured to BS 2484 and imprinted DANGER ELECTRICITY sizes.

(Length x Width x Depth)
914mm x 150mm x 50mm
914mm x 230mm x 50mm
914mm x 305mm x 50mm


Cable Covers

Indicator Posts

We produce Indicators Posts in accordance with BS 1881 in the below types

1525mm x 100mm x 100mm
"WATER" , "SEWER" , "DUCT" , "GAS"

770mm x 160mm x 75mm

615mm x 160mm x 75mm

We make to order, any other requirements please contact us.

Indicator Posts

Marker Blocks

We produce Marker Blocks in accordance with BS 1881 in many types

600mm x 600mm x 100mm
" Electric Cable" , " Gas ", "Water"

300mm x 300mm x 225mm
"D" & "DD"
" High Voltage Buried cables Below"
"LV Cables"
"HV Cables"

300mm x 300mm x 150mm
"Electric Cables" , "Gas"

If you want to specify certain size or words our in-house moulding facility can cater to your requests.

Marker Blocks

Utilities Protection Slabs

Our heavily steel reinforced precast concrete slabs are designed and manufactured to our customers specification which can include size, incorporate suitable lifting anchors and thickness to name a few.

Precast concrete slabs are designed to protect vulnerable utilities like high pressure water pipelines from traffic above.

For more information on Utilities Protection Slabs

Utilities Protection Slabs

Security Barriers

Here at Elite we offer a large range of options when it comes to securing your premises against uninvited guests or to manage site traffic.

You can pick from the Interlocking concrete block, Security block, , or 'V' block range. Soon we will be bringing out a new interlocking 2000kg block system for the ultimate peace of mind.

In Autumn we will be launching integral block/steel palisade system.

For more information on Security Barriers

Security Blocks

Varying application with Large 2 tonne blocks

Today being used as Counterweight blocks for Security Blocks;  fall arrest systems to stop access to  buildings & land;

The block measures
1225(W) x 990(L) x 770(H).

For more information on Security Blocks

Security Blocks

Concrete Bollards

Our concrete bollards cast has a unique concrete blend are available in the following sizes -

  • 1370mm high x 200mm/150mm dia - 100kgs
  • 1070mm high x 200mm/150mm dia - 65kgs

We deliever our bollards anywhere in the UK. Orders are welcome for either multiple units or single.

More information on Concrete Bollards

Concrete Bollards

Seating Rings / Adjusting Units

Our Manhole Seating Rings are manufactured to meet BS 5911-3 in the following sizes:

4-part Seating Rings
600mm x 600mm access
675mm x 675mm acces

2-part Seating Rings
600mm x 600mm access
675mm x 675mm access
1200mm x675mm access

1-part Seating Rings
600mm x 600mm access
675mm x 675mm access
750mm x 600mm access
750mm x 750mm access
600mm x 600mm eccentric acc<

Seating Rings / Adjusting Units

Gully Covers / Raisers

Our Gully Covers are manufactured to meet BS 5911-6 in the following sizes::

585mm x 650mm
750mm x 650mm

Dimension of the slabs can be either 100mm or 65mm

For more information on Gully Covers / Raisers

Gully Covers / Raisers

Manhole Cover Slabs

Our Manhole Cover Slabs are produced to meet BS 5911-3 in the following access sizes diameters :

1200mm diameter
600mm x 600mm access
675mm x 675mm access
750mm x 600mm access
750mmx 750mm access

1050mm diameter
600mm x 600mm access
675mm x 675mm access

900mm diameter
600mm x 600mm access

Our Lothian Seating Slabs are also obtainable with the above sizes.

For more information on Manhole Cover Slabs

Manhole Cover Slabs

Dam Spillway Blocks

Our precast concrete design blocks use the motion of the water flow to accomplish immense stability in high velocity open channel conditions, such as on dam spillways.

All blocks are bespoke produced to meet specific technical data and design.

For more information on Dam Spillway Blocks

Dam Spillway Blocks

Counterweight Blocks

At Elite our Interlocking concrete blockssecurity blocks, and 'V' interlocking blocks all make fantastic counterweight blocks for heavy lifting equipment,  fall arrest systems etc.

Here at Elite we are more then happy to work closely with our clients to manufacture 'bespoke' blocks should they be required.

Bespoke Products

We have years of experience in the civil and construction industry.  We work in partnership with all our clients to 'value engineer' solutions, when off the shelf products don't meet the requirements.

Alongside expert engineering support we have provided innovative and low priced solutions. Frequently been delivered to timescales.

For instance we have recently finished a 4.6m high precast concrete radiation shield for Bam Nuttall at Bracknell Cancer Centre and a number of unique bridge abutments for Jackson Civil Engineering.

For more information on Bespoke Products

Elite Precast Concrete Ltd

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