Elite Thermal Systems Ltd

As a leading manufacturer of electric furnaces and ovens, we supply an eclectic range of both standard and bespoke models. Our products are used throughout the world and include many options in laboratory chamber furnaces.

Our range of laboratory chamber furnaces includes:

  • Elevator hearth furnaces
  • Vacuum chamber furnaces
  • Ashing chamber furnaces
  • Economy chamber furnaces

Industrial Chamber Furnaces

As well as our laboratory chamber furnaces, we also supply an intricately manufactured range of quality industrial chamber furnaces.

Our line of industrial chamber furnaces includes:

  • General chamber furnaces (1200°C and 1700°C)
  • Elevator hearth chamber furnaces
Industrial Chamber Furnaces

Laboratory Tube Furnaces

Despite having a solid reputation due to our standard of service and quality, we are always striving to improve our service and product range. This has led us to supply a wide and versatile range of laboratory tube furnaces.

With many designs suitable for a range of applications, models of laboratory tube furnaces include:

  • Single zone - horizontal/vertical tube furnaces
  • Three zone - horizontal/vertical tube furnaces
  • Vacuum tube furnaces
  • Single zone - split horizontal/vertical tube furnaces
Laboratory Tube Furnaces

Industrial Ovens

As well as our eclectic range of laboratory furnaces, we also manufacture and supply industrial ovens.

Our industrial ovens are impeccably designed with a focus on durability and reliability. They can be acquired as either gravity convection or forced air circulation.

Our models include:

  • General purpose, high performance and moisture extraction ovens
  • High temperature ovens (400°C to 600°C)

A multitude of optional features are available on request. No matter what your requirement or specification, we will have the model to suit.

Industrial Ovens


We supply reliable incubators with a choice of gravity convection or forced air circulation. Our incubators are designed to suit your individual requirements for testing advanced materials.


Laboratory Ceramics

We are always striving to not only meet our customers' expectations and requirements, but to exceed them. All of our engineers are expertly trained. We have local representatives for overseas work and enquiries, and we are always on hand to give you advice and to provide solutions.

This attention to detail and expertise extends to our laboratory ceramics.

Our laboratory ceramics range includes:

  • Boats (with tail and hole or plain without tail)
  • Dishes
  • Crucibles (cylindrical/circular designs)
  • Discs and plates
Laboratory Ceramics

Custom Built Ovens

As well as our wide range of stock products, our expert engineers can also work to bespoke oven specifications. We supply custom built ovens to meet your individual requirement.

Custom Built Ovens

Custom Built Furnaces

Our custom built furnaces are built upon many years of expert knowledge and experience. All of our custom built furnaces are designed to be cost effective and specific requests and requirements can always be met.

We can supply everything from lightly modified standard equipment to intricately customised systems.

Custom Built Furnaces

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