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ATR - air conduction liquid can be used for some of the more extreme requirements and is often used in airborne applications.

As well as ATR - air conduction liquid, we provide a multitude of liquid cooling solutions. Convection (forced air) cooling is the most common method for the thermal management of today’s enclosures. However, there are many applications where conduction or liquid cooling is required.

Custom System Platforms

We have designed custom system platforms and have provided chassis services for the embedded systems market for over 20 years.

Our incredibly experienced team of engineers have expertise in mechanical and electrical enclosure design. Our custom system platforms can be built to bespoke requirements -- from modifying an existing model to a complete custom design.

System Integration

Our system integration team are specialist engineers and can provide a fully comprehensive and professional service.

As a fully experienced and qualified system integration team, we can install and completely test your hardware and software. We also provide a packaging service, private labelling and shipping directly to your required destination.

Thermal Management Simulation

Our thermal simulation experience includes thermal management simulation.

Our thermal management simulation can be particularly beneficial in creating optimal chassis cooling solutions. We can simulate exactly how your boards interact concerning the cooling. The complete airflow and thermal management process is examined, so contact us now for complete solutions.

FEM Simulation

There are a multitude of advantages of FEM Simulation. Some industries need components that are lightweight yet very stable. When it comes to rapidly optimising diametrically opposed requirements, FEM simulation is often the first choice. This unique method is often utilised at an early stage of product development to decide whether or not an intended design will be successful.

Verification Testing

We offer an eclectic range of services to help our customers with new product introduction (NPI). This includes custom design and verification testing through to agency certification.

We have the experience to function as an extension of your company’s design and compliance engineering team. We have level 4/5 integration capability for both embedded systems and switches. We can provide verification testing and are a single solution to your outsourcing requirements.

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