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Elmatic (Cardiff) Ltd is the largest manufacturer of Industrial Electric Heating Elements in the UK. Elmatic Ltd have the widest product range to meet our customer’s requirements.

As well as heating elements, immersion heaters, cartridge heaters and many more, we also specialise in manufacturing for a large variety of Engineering Projects for, among others, the Packaging, Pharmaceutical and Catering Industries.

Our ever-expanding product range includes Mica Bands / Mica Plates, Cartridge Heaters, and Ceramic Knuckle Heaters. Tubular Rod / Immersion Heaters in Incoloy, Stainless Steel or Mild Steel, 3.2mm, 5.mm, 7mm SQ Coiled Heaters, not to mention a large selection of Thermocouples.

Please see below for information on a few of our products or visit our website for more information on additional products and services.

Cartridge Heaters

The "Max K" Cartridge Heater is designed to withstand ever demanding requirements. Our high-density compaction process ensures maximum reliability under adverse operating conditions. Its swaged construction provides the highest possible heat transfer rates and watts density. It is resistant to impact and vibration applications and we also have the option to make with a variety of seals to suit your requirements.

Mica Insulated Heaters

Elmatic manufacture a large range of Mica heaters including mica bands, Mica nozzles, Mica Plates, Mica Discs, Mica Boxes, Mica 'U' Shapes, conical shapes, Mica Strips and many other shapes to our customers own requirements. The construction of a mica heater has long been recognised for it reliability and economy and continues to be one of the most popular contact heating elements. Elmatic use the best quality mica available, ensuring high dielectric strength and maximum heat transfer. Our specially treated sheath materials resist oxidation and enhance thermal conductivity.

Ceramic Knuckle Heaters

Ceramic Knuckle Heaters were developed to meet industry's demand for a long lasting, high temperature heater. Its construction consists of a helically wound resistance spiral, precisely stretched and strung through specifically designed refractory ceramic bricks. The build up of the ceramic brick provides a flexible heating mat, which when placed into a rolled outer metal casing and 4mm thick ceramic fibre insulation, provides an efficient high temperature, high watts density band heater.

Tubular Rod and Immersion Heaters

The tubular sheathed wire elemet has long been recognised as the most versatile and widely used source of electric heat, for commercial, industrial, scientific and domestic uses.

It's reliability, strength and adaptability makes the tubular sheathed heater suitable for an unlimited number of applications and environments.

Whether you require a standard immersion heater for heating water in a tank, a heater for a large laundry on a passenger cruise liner, or a heater for a huge silo in a food processing plant, Chemical applications, Elmatic have the expertise, design and manufacturing facilities to meet your particular requirements.

Depending on the application required, sheath wire elements can be made in a number of materials including Incoloy, Stainless Steel, or Mild Steel enabling temperatures of up to 750°C ( 1400° F ) to be achieved.

Air Duct Heaters

All our Air Duct Heaters are customer made and designed in house at our factory in Cardiff, UK.
Our Duct Heaters are designed using the most suitable materials and element type to suit our customer’s requirements. As element manufacturers, our experienced design engineers can recommend the most suitable type of element layout, using standard round Incoloy or Stainless Steel elements, finned elements, or open spiral elements depending on the output required. The heaters must be staggered at the correct angles to the direction of the air flow which generates turbulent flow and maximizes the heat transfer.

The housings can be made to suit any aperture whether you require a Square, round, tall, long or rectangle, Elmatic will build to our customer’s needs.


Elmatic manufacture a large range of different types of Thermocouples / Sensors to suit your specific needs and applications, available in Mineral Insulated ( MI ) format and Platinum Resistance Thermometers PT 100's. Standard thermocouples are grounded with the option of ungrounded if specified.

Mineral insulated thermocouples are extremely robust temperature sensors suitable for use in arduous conditions over the temperature range: -200°C to + 1250°C. Sheaths can be generally bent, twisted and flattened to suit applications without impairing performance

Custom Built Heaters

Elmatic (Cardiff) Ltd is renowned for its versatility in producing custom built heaters for almost any application. Our wealth of experience in design & manufacture processes, enables Elmatic to produce a heater solution for any project.

Some recent projects include Custom Built Heaters for Power Stations, Oil Refineries and Pipe Lines, Train Builders & Railway Maintenance, Aircraft Engine manufacturers, Ship Builders, Bitumen Tank manufacturers, MIR Body Scanner manufacturers, Furnace & Industrial Ovens & many more.

Should you have an application which might need some expert advice, please contact us for more assistance.

Load Banks

High quality mineral insulated, tubular, incoloy sheathed resistors are mounted into a powder coated galvanised sheet metal enclosure.

An integral impeller fan provides forced air cooling and a thermal airflow switch and fan motor interlock ensure that the elements are not energised without adequate airflow.

A terminal box is provided which houses all switchgear, selector switches and required instrumentation and external connection is to stud terminals.

A separate 230V/1Ph/50Hz supply is required for loads other than 230V/1Ph/50Hz or 400V/3Ph/50Hz to energise the control and fan circuits. Smaller units are fitted with lifting handles and castors; larger units have wheels or skids and lifting points as required.

Open Spiral Heaters

Elmatic manufacture to order a large selection of Open Spiral heaters designed to meet with customer requirements.

The heated wires are wound into spirals made from 80/20 Nickel-Chrome wire. The insulation used varies depending on the application and temperature required. Materials used include Ceramic, Mica & other suitable insulation board.

PTFE Heaters

Elmatics’ range of heaters includes the “PTFE / TEFLON” Immersion Heaters and VAT heaters designed to service a wide range of industries. The designs available include a ridged or flexible PTFE immersion heaters manufactured specifically for the metal finishing & chemical industries.

Bolt Heaters

Bolt heaters perform an essential function in the maintenance of Turbine Generators.  The latest designs were developed in conjunction with the CEGB and Turbine manufacturers to meet the exacting requirements of the industry.  They are approved to CEGB Standard 12/64.

Plugs & Sockets

Elmatic are able to supply a selection of Electrical Plugs and Sockets to meet with our customers requirements. Standard items are the 2 Pin Plug and Socket, 3 Pin European Plug & Socket and the German type VK socket. These are available fitted to heaters or as individual spare parts. Optional plugs and sockets can be supplied or fitted to heaters to suit customer specification.


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